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Have you ever struggled when it comes to accomplishing things throughout the day? Are you someone who ends up piling too much on their plate? Do you find yourself struggling over where to even start? You may benefit from some time management tips.

Some of us can struggle to tick things off our list when we’re juggling a lot. This is why time management can be one of the most important tools to have.

Actionable time management tips

If time management tips is something you’re looking for, read the rest of this article!

1.   Create a daily plan

On a Sunday, you may find it useful to plan for the week ahead. Purchase a daily or weekly planner if you don’t have one! Jot some of the things you have to get done, and how long you’re going to spend on it. Whether that’s errands, work meetings, or social events.

2.   Delegate when you can

When it comes to school or work, you may find a little assistance from a friend or colleague can come in handy. Especially if they have the time, or don’t mind taking on some of your work. Don’t feel the need to do everything on your own!

3.   Stick to your routine

Sticking to a routine as much as possible will make you an expert with getting things done on schedule. Particularly when those last-minute crises or assignments at work happen. You’ll find yourself wasting less time when you become more disciplined with your schedule.

4.   Put a time limit

Rather than spend an indefinite amount of time on a task, dedicate a certain time limit. Whether it’s twenty minutes or an hour, some people find this useful with getting the job done. You might faff about less and actually get the task done a lot quicker than expected!

5.   Tune out distractions

Put your phone in another room, or download a programme that stops you from going on TikTok. Whatever it is, get rid of those distractions! You may think that a minute or two is harmless. But this can add up quickly before you know it! Moreover, it can interfere with your concentration if you’re in the zone!

6.   Use the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique works by breaking down a task into chunks with short breaks in between. This technique is particularly useful for those who struggle with concentrating or starting a task. Start off with 15-minute intervals of work, followed by a 5-minute break. See how you fare!

7.   Get rid of any perfectionism

Perfectionists may find themselves spending much longer on a task than they need to! Remember though, nothing and nobody is perfect. Sometimes, done is better than perfect.

8.   Let go of bad habits

Whether that’s procrastinating or treating yourself to one too many breaks, get rid of any bad habits. Bad habits can interfere with your long-term efforts at time management. The more you indulge, the more difficult it will be to cross things off your list!

9.   Try not to multitask

This can be difficult to achieve when people expect you to juggle multiple things. However, you’ll only find yourself spread thin. When that happens, this can affect your ability to concentrate or work effectively.

10.                Don’t wait around for inspiration

Inspiration is good for people who work in the arts. But that doesn’t mean that everyone should sit around waiting for that lightbulb moment. You may find that actually starting a task can get the ball rolling!

People who manage to get things done in a short amount of time aren’t magicians. Believe it or not, they simply have good time management skills.

You can consider incorporating these easy time management tips into your life, starting from now! Should you find yourself or your employees need some more assistance, you can also consider using our ESP or SME solutions.


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