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Mental health support for employees and leaders in Greece.

Improve employee productivity, reduce stress and deliver change based on real insights

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Track data from your Leader analytic platform

Making assumptions about your employees’ mental health is ineffective and risky. Not only does it not get you results, but it can slow down the productivity and wellbeing in your workplace.

Our leader analytics platform provides anonymous data on key issues affecting your workplace. You can track your employees’ wellbeing in real time and benchmark insights based on demographics, gender, and ethnicity.

No more biased assumptions and guesses. Drive change in your workplace based on analytics from your team.

No, you will not. These are strictly confidential between the employee and their assigned therapist.

The information updates in real-time!

Start by looking at the leading issues and our text analytics. Both these insights will give you insights into issues that you can begin to address right away

The leaders analytics platform gives you access to a clinical director. Book a session, the team can start working with you to help you to get started and take the first steps towards creating your people strategy.

Our data consultants have access to this information to help you make the most of the data and how to analyse it to improve your wellbeing strategy.

100%. SupportRoom provides data consultancy as part of our Additional Services. Our clinical directors are video call away and they’re dedicated to helping you deliver success. This will help you understand the data and how to apply it to improve your workplace wellbeing.

Tackle workplace stress

Mental health interventions are difficult to apply when you don’t know what you’re meant to fix.

This is why SupportRoom uses the available technology, analytics, self-help tools and ongoing guidance from our clinical directors to help you deliver targeted mental health support.

We are here throughout your company’s journey to an improved wellbeing. We bring the tools, you show us how happy employees look like.

See for yourself how SupportRoom is to install, use, and reap the rewards of.

How do we support Leaders?

Analytics for Leaders

Building trust with your employees is never an easy task. And convincing your leadership to drive people initiatives can be even harder. We can help…

Our Leaders Analytics Platform provides anonymised data-driven insights that allow leaders to identify key issues impacting their employees. Use our insights to listen to your team, identify key issues impacting your organisation, measure the success of your campaigns and develop a people strategy based on real insights. 

Support Room Features - Employee Chat Analytics for Leaders business registration

Heartbeat Insights

Let’s admit it – without clear insights about your team’s performance patterns, their mental well-being or your company’s culture, your business can tiptoe forever around the aspects that need changing to promote growth and performance. Heartbeat Insights, a survey and insights-driven platform that increases employee engagement and accelerates your company’s road to success.

Microsoft Teams & Slack

Staying connected is crucial for organisational mental wellbeing. Keep in touch with your team and improve workplace communication with Microsoft teams.
To access resources, receive updates and stay connected, you can also confidently use Slack whenever you find it more convenient.

Support Room Features - Teams and Slack integration


Technology isn’t always enough to support employees. We are there to help your business grow by delivering webinars, workshops, data support, business reviews and unlimited access to our internal clinical directors at no cost.

Support Room Features - Team Services leaders


Connection and belonging are a major part of mental wellbeing, so we encourage employees to connect with others as much as possible.

Join communities of employees who share the same goals of becoming a better version of themselves. Share your workplace-related stress with others and connect with like-minded people who can support you during your journey.

Support Room Features - Communities for leaders

SupportRoom is the employee benefit you need to transform your workforce in Greece

7.5% of Greeks have or will appear any mental disorder.
15% of Greeks have symptoms of mental health issues, that may never be diagnosed.
4.1% have Generalised Anxiety Disorder which is the most frequent (more so in women).
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