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Improve your mental wellbeing whenever and wherever suits you, with messaging, voice notes and face-to-face video sessions and therapeutic self care tools from qualified therapist.
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Receive one week of therapy at no cost. If you’re happy select a payment plan to suit your budget. Therapy Starts from £1.50 per day. Unlimited therapy at your fingertips.

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Benefits of SupportRoom

Connect with our licensed therapists

“I would absolutely recommend support room to my own loved ones. A unique and innovative way to bring quality mental health support, primarily through messaging therapy, into the hands of those that need it, when they need it."

Dr. Kaanan Butor-Bhavsar

"My experience with SupportRoom has been nothing but excellent through the whole process. I love the concept and accessibility it has, not only for myself as a therapist but also for those in need of immediate attention. I am proud and grateful to be an Ambassador for SupportRoom and look forward to the journey ahead."

adam C

Adam Claxton

“Sharing your thoughts and feelings is important for your mental health and at  SupportRoom we have made this easy and accessible. SupportRoom allows you to connect at your convenience to help make you feel better today.”

Asma Ahmed

“Using SupportRoom is simple and is so easy to access when it suits you. I like the way my availability is shown and the choice on how an individual wants to talk to me is given to them. I feel this is key to getting the support how you want and when you need it.”

Claire Pyer


"SupportRoom has helped me so much within a week. My therapist would message me and ask how i am and we would talk about goals in life and how i can improve in life. Also it's really good value for what you get out of it."


"I have had an amazing experience with SupportRoom so far. I am able to reach my therapist any time. i have learnt some life-changing techniques to cope with anxiety and stress."


"Signing up for SupportRoom is the best decision I have ever made. I never thought that online therapy would be so useful for me. But the experience is very personalised and I feel like I couldn't have been matched with a better therapist."


"I have been struggling silently for a very long time. My SupportRoom therapist has really helped me get clarity and is helping me immensely to rebuild my life. Love it so far."


SupportRoom For Business

We support employers and education providers with practical, confidential, ongoing online therapy to help boost morale and productivity. Our Employee Support Platform offers affordable packages for exceptional outcomes.