Online Couples Therapy

Relationships can be complex. SupportRoom’s solutions-focused couples counselling can help you face your problems together.

All relationships hit perilous waters now and then. Your matched therapist will mediate your conversation, driving you towards a lasting mutual solution. SupportRoom offers couples counselling from the comfort of your own home – using your smartphone, tablet, or PC/laptop.

Confidential. Secure. Impartial.

Online Couples Therapy

No relationship is perfect. Recognising you need help can be the first step in rebuilding your trust. Our couples therapy offers a safe, neutral and mediated space to talk freely about the challenges faced in your relationship.

How SupportRoom Works

Traditional therapy makes you wait.
SupportRoom online therapy is waiting for you.


Straightforward questions that help us understand your needs.

Your Plan

Receive one week of therapy at no cost.
If you’re happy select a payment plan to suit your budget. Therapy Starts from £1.50 per day. Unlimited therapy at your fingertips.

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We’ll match you with your perfect therapist. Message your therapist; anytime, anywhere.

What you gain from couples counselling

Relationships fail wherever there’s a breakdown in communication or a lack of perceived empathy and support. Couples counselling provides a platform for everyone to air their thoughts, share their disappointments, and create new pathways to successful communication. Love is a journey, not a race. What you gain from couples counselling is a valuable second chance to rebuild bridges in a safe space. All from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
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Benefits of SupportRoom

When to do couples therapy

Some see couples counselling as an admission of defeat. But recognising when to do couples therapy can be truly transformative if you make that first step at the right time. All problems are surmountable. Seeking guidance from an impartial qualified couples counsellor can be a valuable step towards recovery. SupportRoom’s couples counselling service is available 24-7, providing support whenever you need it the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

The usual signs of what constitutes when you should go to therapy are poor communication, similar arguments without resolution, feelings of boredom/numbness, and wanting to learn how to resolve conflict.

We provide couples therapy for any relationship. Couples therapy can be beneficial for any and every type of relationship such as same-sex and polygamous relationships.