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LGBT Online Therapy

LGBT Online Therapy2022-01-04T15:46:55+00:00

Even in 2021, many people in the LGBT community still experience hostility and prejudice.

SupportRoom’s LGBTQI+ counselling service offers a confidential, stigma-free online space to help deal with the mental health conditions that are holding you back.

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Online LGBTQ+ Counselling with SupportRoom

Access SupportRoom’s LGBT therapy services using your smartphone, tablet, or PC/laptop. SupportRoom’s LGBTQI+ group counselling service offers comfort and companionship, helping you overcome your mental health challenges with like-minded people in the same situation.

Or, if you prefer, our Messaging Therapy platform offers always-on individual support, providing round-the-clock access to qualified therapists.

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The Benefits of LGBTQI+ therapy

SupportRoom’s online therapy services offer all the traditional benefits of LGBT therapy, but without the wait. No need to book an appointment – messaging therapy is always on.

Talk through your concerns and anxieties with SupportRoom’s qualified therapists, who will help transform your mindset and rebuild your confidence.

SupportRoom offers LGBTQI+ counselling, as well as LGBT occupational therapy, that’s accessible and always there.

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Benefits of SupportRoom

  • Support when you need it. 24/7 access.​
  • A platform for everyone. Correspond through text, voice message, or live video.
  • Completely secure and totally confidential.
  • Way more affordable than traditional therapy.​
  • No waiting. No judgement. Real therapists.​​
  • Analytics to track your journey progression​​.​​
  • Ongoing support.​

How SupportRoom Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide LGBT occupational therapy?2022-01-04T15:39:09+00:00

Yes, we do! We offer occupational therapy for those wanting to discuss matters such as sexual actions covering inner emotions, how to establish relationships, and expression of self. In sessions we cover therapeutic use within your daily activities.

What’s involved in counselling for the LGBT community?2022-01-04T15:39:29+00:00

This depends on an individual basis. However common issues to seek LGBT therapy are concerns related to mental health, issues with sexual orientation, and those who struggle to find therapists that cater to oneself.

LGBT – How we can help?2022-03-10T15:59:22+00:00

How we can help With SupportRoom LGBT therapy, we match you to the ideal therapist. Nothing is off limits with us, and you will get counselling with no judgement. How you’d like to receive therapy is up to you, we provide sessions in the form of text messages, voice notes and videos, all through our handy platform. Our online sessions are tailored and availability based on your provided schedule.


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