Workplace Counselling & Therapy for business

Online therapy for business: For a happier working environment. 

Help is just a single message away. Whenever. Wherever. Here to help. 24/7.

Workplace counselling significantly improves staff morale and productivity.

Mental Healthcare for Businesses:

Large, medium, and small

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A breathtaking 70 million works days in the UK are lost every year because of mental health issues. This costs employers around £2.4 billion each year. 

Regardless of the size of your business, the mental health of your workforce is as important as their physical health.

SupportRoom’s innovative platform brings mental health support and online workplace counselling to your staff in a discrete, user-friendly, always-on interface.

Our Approach

A safe space to share, support and address problems.

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Benefits Of Online Work Therapy For Your Employees

A Safe Environment

All conversations are confidential and secure - protected by banking-grade encryption technology.


Your staff can access help from our therapists from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. By text, phone message, or video call.

Licensed therapists

SupportRoom’s online therapy is provided by fully licensed, experienced practitioners.


Online therapy to fit around any schedule. Your staff can start their therapy journey from the moment they register. They can schedule video sessions and monitor their progress from anywhere with an internet/cell connection. At any time.

Breaking down stigma

Stigma stops many employees seeking help. They just suffer in silence. Offer them an open door to deal with their mental health challenges before it becomes a big problem for them.

Employer Benefits of Online Therapy

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Reclaim those sick days

Sick days are costly for any business. Minimise absenteeism by demonstrating that you care. Foster an environment of openness and reap the benefits in morale and employee engagement.

Flexible plans

Our flexible plans are designed to work for your business - regardless of size and scale. You might have two employees or two thousand+.

See results

Our analytics dashboard presents anonymised data that offers vital insight into employee sentiment; also effective as a feedback mechanism to see change over time. Gain deep understanding of the needs of your workforce, and see employee engagement grow.

What experts say about online therapy for businesses

More than ten research papers reported improvements in efficiency as a result of online therapies offered to employees in the workplace; reinforced in peer-reviewed journals.

Source: American Psychological Association

Online therapy for business you can depend upon

Our managed provider network offers consistency of care and a platform your staff can rely on.

Here are some of the benefits of our online work therapy platform:

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Network management

Our platform is continuously managed to offer consistent access and the appropriate mix of therapists to cater to your staff’s needs. ​

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AI-matching algorithm

Bespoke matching based on parameters that matter most to your organisation.

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Simplicity is our strength

Our user-friendly platform is built on mobile-first web technology with instant onboarding. Online therapy starts with a single message by text, voice message, or video call.

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Deep end-2-end encryption

We use banking-grade encryption to guarantee data and client security. SupportRoom is verified for HIPAA compliance - protecting everybody’s privacy.

Reducing symptoms, improving engagement and productivity

Companies that use online therapy products see vast improvements in employee engagement, attendance, and productivity.

10,000 people with depression and anxiety engaged in online therapy for 12 weeks:

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Source: BMC Psychiatry, 2020

Improving morale and productivity

Participating employees reported more energy after 12 weeks. That energy turned to productivity and engagement.

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in focus and
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Source: Journal of Technology in Behavioural Science

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