Why we started Supportroom?

In 2020, my cousin tragically committed suicide.

He wasn’t just a cousin but a brother; we grew up together and shared many good times and experiences during his life. And his avoidable death has had an enormous impact on my life and my future.

His death steered my life in a completely new direction: it made me want to understand the impact of mental ill-health on individuals. I wanted to know how businesses were supporting their employees. I wanted to learn about the care people receive once they’re diagnosed.

And what I discovered shocked me to the core. I realised that getting treatment for mental health conditions in the UK is confusing and difficult to navigate. After my initial research, I had more questions than answers:

  • Why weren’t people receiving the support they needed?
  • How did companies deliver support?
  • What were the difficulties felt by mental health professionals in public and private sectors
  • How do HR managers and management teams support their employees?

I uncovered some of the problems, which helped me form ideas about improving the support people were receiving.

Fundamentally, I wanted to help. I wanted to prevent other people from committing suicide.

The more I researched, the more my passion grew. And SupportRoom evolved in my head – a platform that tackles the problems head-on for employees in the workplace. We could provide support whenever someone needs it. We would create a work-based solution that helps management teams identify and transform the wellbeing of their workforce – driven by data rather than assumptions.
Today, my passion and my cousin’s memory lives within SupportRoom. SupportRoom and our partners will work together to make changes to people’s lives. This is our ultimate goal and our mission.

According to the WHO, over 700,000 people die as a result of suicide every year. 4902 suicides were registered in England in 2020 [1].

Friday 10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day (#WSPD) and is a special day for SupportRoom and myself. We started SupportRoom to support and prevent individuals from committing suicide. Our aims align with #WSPD – a day of activism to help disseminate essential information that can help prevent suicide.

We’re here for anyone who needs our help. I only wish someone had been there for my cousin.

Ash Vipani, CEO