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On-demand mental health support to improve your wellbeing

Problems at work do not stay at work. This is what flexible online mental health support is for.

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Convenient, hassle-free on-demand mental health support

The increasing complexity of life requires better mental health resources. When stress has become the norm, therapeutic support should also be the new normal.

If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start – you are not the only one. Plenty of people are already asking for help, why not be the next one to reach out? Online therapy and mental help support provided by SupportRoom is there for you to help you navigate life’s turbulent waters.

On-demand support when you most need it, no sessions and no appointments.

We know that mental health does not work on a clock. You cannot choose when stress kicks in or when to feel your worst. This is why our services are highly flexible and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Students
  • LGBT+
  • Business
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Eating disorders
  • Sleeping & anxiety
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Addiction
  • Self-harm
  • OOCD
  • Panic attacks

Don’t listen to us when we say you’re not alone – look at the stats.

1 in 4 adults experience mental health issues.

1 in 4

1 in 6 people suffer from anxiety and depression.

1 in 6

1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts.

1 in 5

*MIND Statistics

But SupportRoom is here – so you don’t have to be part of those numbers.

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Workplace On-demand support

Workplace Support

If you want to start your journey in a gentler way, you can choose to connect with a therapist, coach or mentor by chat or voice notes.  Familiarise and build a long standing relationship with your dedicated therapist, coach or mentor. And express your emotions and let them help you improve your performance and growth in all areas of your life.

Support Room Home - Conversation mental health support chat platform

Video Therapy

Online Video Therapy, coaching or mentoring is a highly popular option that resembles an in-person session. Once you connect to your professional, just start discussing the most pressing issues in your own time. Your therapist, coach or mentor will be there to guide you, listen to you, and support you in finding solutions that will improve your wellness, performance and growth.


Wellbeing MoodBox

SupportRoom brings clarity on the state of your mental health, performance and growth. Through our Wellbeing Moodbox Meter, both you and your therapist, coach or mentor can look at current and past insights to see how far you have come.The insights never lie – so use this feature to monitor your progress and reap the rewards of your work.


Wellness Centre

Self-help is an integral part of supporting your own wellness, performance and growth– this is why the Wellbeing Resource Centre contains hundreds of articles, exercise, coaching videos, podcasts, calming music, and other resources to help you help yourself. Use the resources to make improvements in your work and personal life.



A mental health tool backed by science, journaling helps you get your worries out of your mind. Use this in-app built feature to better cope with negative thoughts.


Microsoft Teams & Slack

Staying connected to your therapist, coach or mentor is crucial for workplace mental wellbeing, performance and growth. Integrate with Microsoft Teams or Slack and receive effortless support. We make it easy.

Support Room Features - Teams and Slack integration

If you are in urgent need of help (if you are feeling suicidal), please click here:


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