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Transform The Wellbeing Of Your Workforce

Transform The Wellbeing Of Your Employees With SupportRoom

Here, at SupportRoom, we offer employee therapy for small to medium businesses. Our platform allows employees to receive therapy on-demand from a  dedicated qualified therapist.
Our SME Employee Support platform is designed to give insightful data that allows your employee to track their progress & monitor their own mental & physical health.
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How SupportRoom Works

Traditional therapy makes you wait.
SupportRoom online therapy is waiting for you.


Straightforward questions that help us understand your employee’s needs

Your Plan

Buy vouchers for access to our innovative platform. With a payment structure to suit your budget and your employee’s needs.

Start Therapy​

We match your employee to the most suited therapist within an hour. And messaging therapy commences.

SME Employee Therapy platform

In the UK, 70 Million work days are lost due to mental health issues.

Benefits of SME Employee Support Platform

How many employees are there in your organisation?

colleagues are struggling with some form of mental health issue.

days lost per year due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety.


the annual cost of ill-mental health in the workplace.

Online Therapy For Employees,
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