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Time management is something everybody could also improve on, nobody’s ever 100% organised, whether you’re a student or an entrepreneur. This article will cover 10 actionable time management tips you can consider applying to your regime!

1.      Set small, realistic goals

A lot of the time we tend to slip with productivity when we set unrealistic unattainable goals. These could either be an outcome expected within a time frame or a feeling.

When you set smaller goals, even if it all works towards one purpose, this will help you focus overall; time will be prioritised for each step, so it will be used more efficiently.

2.      Get your priorities straight

A lot of the time I’m sure you’ll find tasks aren’t that daunting once you get them ticked off; it tends to be the little menial tasks that add up with time.

Ensure you have a clear view of your tasks and priorities and shift them around wherever possible, this will help you prevent overthinking about your next priority.

3.      Take breaks

This may sound counterproductive, but regular breaks to help with overall productivity. That’s because our brains work like a computer processor, and you don’t want to overload yourself with too much information.

Hence why taking breaks regularly is key to achieving the mental state to manage your time correctly.

4.      Set deadlines

Set yourself a time limit, or goal if you will, to complete your tasks. Your to-do list may include a bunch of deadlines already, ensure you set internal ones for yourself, this way you’ll ensure you’re on top of timings.

If you slip behind, be sure to double down on your top priorities.

5.      Cut your losses

In this era, we all are guilty of procrastination; be it through taking social media breaks, or waiting on emails, could even be bathroom and snack breaks.

You may not be aware of how much time you spend during work time doing extra things, that could be detrimental to your time management. Ensure when you’re tight for time you minimise time n your phone, or any other extra activities. This could make all the difference!


We hope you enjoyed our list of actionable time management tips to apply to your regime. With application and adaptation this should slowly but surely help boost your productivity in the long-term.


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