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Employee on-demand workplace support that improves wellness, performance & growth.

Improve your wellbeing, reduce stress and feel supported

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Holistic workplace experience

Workplace Support

With our flexible mental health support, connecting with a therapist is only one click away. You can choose to do that through text or voice notes.

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Video Therapy

If you want to get more out of your therapy session, opt for a video session. It boosts the connection to your therapist and it’s just as efficient as a live session – with the added flexibility.


Wellbeing MoodBox

Mental health is not just about therapy. It’s also about what you do in between your sessions. We help you take care of your wellbeing with tools that monitor your progress.


Wellness Centre

Besides therapy, it’s important to take accountability for your own mental health. We offer you many wellbeing tools such as articles, exercises, meditations, and music – all so you can create the perfect self-care routine.



If you’re a fan of writing, we’re here for it. We offer a journaling tool as part of the wellbeing resources at SupportRoom. Use it however you wish.


Microsoft Teams & Slack

Send and receive fast messages to your therapist, coach, or mentor through Slack or MS Teams. These tools will always be available on our platform.

Support Room Features - Teams and Slack integration

Financial, Legal & Physical

We help you improve all aspects of your life – financial, legal, physical health, and nutrition. Mental health is about all these!

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SupportRoom makes a real difference

Employees morale approved
Felt they were more productive
Coping better with their work life balance
Saw improvements with their peer relationships

*SupportRoom Statistics* from 2000 employees after using SupportRoom

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Time to address your wellness, performance & growth

The workplace is where you spend the majority of your time. Research shows that 41% of employees state that stress negatively impacts productivity. Not only that, but happy and engaged employees are productive employees, and productive employees result in an increase in profitability.

The bottom line: a big part of happiness is rooted within an employee’s mental health.

On-demand support when you most need it, no sessions and no appointments.

Talk to a therapist, coach or mentor online via chat, voice notes, or voice calls . We have created a safe and secure environment just for you and your dedicated professional.

As soon as you are matched with your therapist, coach or mentor, you will be able to send them messages and book a 30 minute 121 video call with them.

Yes! You will get to pick your professional based on a selection of SupportRoom’s in-house professionals.

You’re not always going to be happy with your therapist, and we understand this. You can change therapists twice a month with a click of a button.

No, it can be about personal life stressors, personal life stressors can impact your work life and vice versa.

Yes, we have therapists and coaches that can support you in different areas of personnel and work life.

No, we take employee privacy seriously. What you discuss with your therapist is completely confidential. SupportRoom is a HIPAA certified, safe and secure platform.

Your data will remain anonymous but will be used as statistics. The statistics will be used to help your leadership team identify where the issues in the organisation are. This is a good way for the organisation to make changes that will make a real difference and it gives you a voice.

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