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Heartbeat likes to keep things straightforward. In only a few minutes, you can set up everything you need to expand your business. Here’s how our platform works:

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Clear results come from asking the right questions to the right people. With Heartbeat, create personalised surveys to improve employee engagement and performance within your organisation. Receive tailored insights into:

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Engagement

  • Performance reviews

  • Wellbeing

  • Goal tracking

  • Onboarding and exit survey

  • Sales

  • Retention

  • Talent

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Understand your workforce with Heartbeat Insights


Align the tone of your survey to your team’s personality. Fit it to the people culture of your company and personalise your content to make it welcoming and engaging.


Keep things simple – surveys that are secure, anonymous, and easily accessed from any device are the most reliable foundation for further insights. With these principles only, you can get immediate feedback to guide your employee engagement strategy.


Identify your business’s engagement hotspots and use them to drive massive growth. Design action plans based on clear insights and energise your team to keep up the great work.


Once you have the best talent and the knowledge to tackle any issues, all you have to do is focus on new opportunities. When your team has the right tools, they can help you reach endless growth.

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Heartbeat Package

  • Analyze, filter, and export results

  • Real time insights

  • Advanced analyze features

  • Micro insights analysis

  • Demographic, gender and department insights

  • Engagment and communication in-app

  • Holistic library of preset questions

  • Shared asset library for on-brand surveys

  • Unlimited free text responses and questions

  • Add or reassign accounts at any time

  • Unlimited surveys and questions

  • Unlimited responses

  • Custom logo

  • White label surveys

  • Sentiment and text analytics

  • Multilingual app

  • Survey completion redirect

  • Admin dashboard and user management

  • Activity tracking through audit logs

  • Dedicated customer success manager

  • Monthly wellness webinars

  • Account control and migration

  • Governance and security features

  • Activity tracking through audit logs

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Support room client ladder

“SupportRoom has helped us a lot to introduce mental health support to our team members. They are always very proactive in having regular checkups with us, as well as very willing to come up with ways to support our new initiatives the best way possible.”


“SupportRoom has allowed us to provide a high level of experienced and qualified psychology-based experts to support our employees in multiple ways. We are finding that more and more of our employees are finding value in the great services that are offered and we continue to receive positive feedback from our team. We are so happy to work with a great group who are always looking for ways to improve and to support our needs and requirements. We are excited to have the opportunity to grow together for the benefit of people’s well-being and we could not have done this without the incredible work that is being provided by SupportRoom. Thank you for all you do!”

Michael Luna, Greece General Manager at AnyRoad & SupportRoom Client

‘’Provision of adequate mental health care and support is a fundamental pillar of a responsible progressive employer. We are proud to have partnered with SupportRoom who deliver an accessible flexible range of support options for our workforce’’

Graham Cook, All Star Lanes CEO & SupportRoom Client

‘’I couldn’t recommend SupportRoom highly enough! It has already been a few months that we have been using their services at work and we are extremely happy. They are super responsive, fast, friendly and efficient and very professional. They are always there for us and the team and the platform is user-friendly and has a great design. Thank you for all the support to our team!’’

Dania Spania, Office & HR Generalist at AnyRoad (Greece)

“There is nothing more important than an employee’s mental well-being in the workplace. That is why we believe SupportRoom is an amazing tool for mental health support, providing access to on-demand therapy, a self-help library, and most important insights to see your progress and track your therapy journey! More and more people are seeing the value in therapy, and SupportRoom enables our clients to provide long-term positive benefits to their employees and organization.”

Gympass, Partner

‘’I believe it is important to talk about mental health, especially in an industry like hospitality, and I am really proud that in All Star Lanes we are able to offer support to our employees that are struggling in any way, or they just want to learn some more about different tools that they can use to be able to look after their mental health better.’’

Spela Vavpotic, Talent Development Officer at All Star Lanes

“It really is great to work with a brand who is focused on making a difference like SupportRoom”

Chelsea Baker, Boots UK Commercial Specialist Online Doctor & SupportRoom Partner

“SupportRoom is providing access to resources our staff otherwise would not be able to afford, they are now able to get proactive mental health support on a constant basis”.

Alex Terblanche, Managing Executive at ExoSystems & SupportRoom Client
Meltwater Logo

‘’SupportRoom is a ground-breaking positive disruptor in the industry, helping businesses put employee welfare at the top of the agenda. They’re stripping away the common barriers of accessibility and confidentiality, and putting ease of use at the forefront of the experience.’’

Claude Springer , Area Director | Social at Meltwater