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Thursday 25th February 2021, 8PM UK time. We spoke to Motivation and Mental Health Coach, and SupportRoom’s very own Adam Claxton.Some of the things we discussed concerning mental health include:

– How to remain positive through times of hardship
– The importance of self-care
– How to find and follow your purpose
– And more!

During our discussion with Adam, he shared with us about his past experiences, and how that got to where he is today. He also shed light on how all of us can change our mindsets and maintain a positive outlook on life, even when times are tough. Adam believes that talking about those hard times and putting yourself first can make all the difference.

At SupportRoom, discussing mental health and raising awareness is something we think is incredibly important. We aim to provide unique insight from a therapist’s point of view, and help other people feel like they are not alone in their own struggles.“Everybody has mental health, so it’s about recognising that we’ve got it, and it’s about what are we going to do differently now to look after it.” – Adam Claxton


SupportRoom is here to revolutionise the way we access mental support. Nobody should suffer in silence, and we think that therapy support should be immediate and accessible.  

Our platform offers patients confidential, professional mental health support for individuals and businesses. We connect you with licensed professionals, who can provide round-the-clock support via multiple formats – such as unlimited messaging or video calls.

We also have an ESP solution that provides detailed analytics to help organisations improve mental health within their workplace, and understand why their employees may suffer from mental health issues. 


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