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Do you feel your relationship needs improving? Should you go to couples’ therapy?

Many of us often quarrel with our partners and rocky periods are inevitable. But couples who fight more than they kiss can be a troubling sign. And with lockdown measures keeping couples apart or trapped together, a strained relationship is hardly surprising nowadays.

We’ll touch base in this article as to whether you should go to couples’ therapy and what to expect with the process. Relationships do take a lot of effort and compromise, but they are worth working on. We think couples’ therapy can help with that!

Should you go to couples’ therapy?

Many couples who often don’t see eye to eye can lose the motivation to maintain their relationship. They can overthink about their relationship and whether it’s worth working for.

This can be especially true when the same problems keep resurfacing. Therefore, situations like these are when to do couples’ therapy.

What is couples’ therapy like?

The first session usually involves the therapist getting to know each person and the relationship. You might find them asking personal questions to begin with, like how you two met.

This is essential when getting acquainted with your therapist. This is because they can start to figure out what both of you are like, and how this influences your relationship.

You can then expect to get to the nitty gritty of your relationship after a few sessions. During which, your therapist will listen to what each has to say without judgement.

This is beneficial as they can offer valuable insight that you or your partner never picked up on. Such as underlying causes or patterns to do with your relationship that might never have occurred to you.

From there, your therapist can then help you develop a goal to achieve during couples’ therapy. They will either provide advice or suggest solutions.

By the end, you might find that you two are stronger together or better apart. Every couple is different!

You might also find more tools at your disposal, such as greater awareness, higher empathy, or better communication. This can prevent or resolve whatever conflicts you may have in the future!

Whether it’s constant fights about the same problem or never even talking about it at all. You might find it worth considering couples’ therapy if you and your partner hold unresolved issues.

Through couples’ therapy, you and your partner can have a safe space to talk and share your feelings. Your therapist can also offer advice, solutions or valuable insight that can improve your relationship.

If you find that you and your partner are happier together or apart, couples’ therapy can still be a way for both of you to achieve contentment.

Should you go to couples’ therapy?


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