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If you’ve been caught up with the latest news, you’d likely see that the benefits of employee counselling are apparent.

Especially when one of the main causes of stress in everyday life stems from work. A shocking 1.6m people were reported to be suffering from work-related ill-health, with a whopping 51% suffering from stress, depression or anxiety.

This article will cover how workplace counselling works; what it includes and the potential benefits of employee counselling, should you consider it.

What is workplace counselling?

Workplace counselling is when therapy and counselling services are available from the workplace.

Typically, an employer would offer the company an option toopt in for workplace therapy. Depending on the company, it could be a short-term resource for those looking to express their mind, with some places offering a more long-term, regular solution.

Workplace counselling is confidential and carried out by experts so employees need not worry about what their boss will hear, or vice versa.

Why is workplace counselling needed?

Workplace counselling is necessary for both the employee and employer. It offers both the employee and employer an opportunity to constructively talk through any issues on their mind, and a safe space to freely express it. The inclusion of a professional also helps the individual express their true feelings and provides the employee with outside perspective; to help them improve their situation, however dire or minor.

Workplace counselling offers employees a great opportunity to talk through their day-to-day work issues. Talking things out has an array of benefits and can even provide you with a more productive workforce.

Benefits of employee counselling

There are many benefits that could come from an employee counselling programme, these include:

More productivity

With employees feeling more confident, and with less of a load on their mind, employees can more easily concentrate on work, morale will also improve.

Monetary benefit

Employees would be likely to take fewer sick days off (for mental health), in turn saving employers £££ in the process.

More respect from employees

An employer that’s willing to pay out of his/her own pocket to contribute to their employee’s well-being is something that won’t go unnoticed. Workers love all sorts of work perks and a compassionate boss will always be in someone’s good books.

Sometimes employees have outside stressors, be it monetary, family issues, a divorce or bereavement of their own; Some employees have never even considered therapy.

As a boss, providing this sort of service as part of the work package truly shows you care. We at SupportRoom offer employee support programmes (ESPs) and therapy for SMEs as part of our services.

If you’re looking for a way to boost the morale of your employees, get in touch today!


Our platform is now live! Register your interest and connect with a therapist instantly. We believe that nobody should suffer in silence and that therapy support should be immediate and accessible.

At SupportRoom, we offer our patients confidential, professional mental health support for individuals and businesses. We connect people with licensed professionals, where we provide round-the-clock support via multiple formats – including unlimited messaging and video.

Our ESP (employee support platform) also provides detailed analytics to help organisations improve mental health within their workplace, and understand why their employees may suffer from mental health issues.


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