Cognitive analytic therapy

Cognitive analytic therapy – How can we help?

Our platform offers a wide array of services for CAT therapy. You can use tools such as the online Journal to log your emotions and feelings and track your mood, as well as other useful tools. When you want to talk to a therapist, the online chat allows for messaging and voice notes for communicative ease. No appointments are necessary, scrapping traditional therapy, so practising your mental health can be a whole lot simpler.

Who is Cognitive analytic therapy for?

CAT therapy is effective for many common problems that people face. For instance, common problems such as eating disorders or borderline personality disorder are reasons to seek out cognitive analytical therapy.

How is CAT therapy useful for anorexia?

CAT has been commonly used for most eating disorders. Cognitive analytical therapy for anorexia focuses on changing the perspective of someone. That changed perspective helps those with eating disorders find past effects that lead to the present moment. CAT therapy often helps those who favour their symptoms by creating a therapist-client relationship that allows for open discussion.

What is Cognitive analytic therapy (CAT)?

By definition, cognitive analytic therapy is a collaborative programme to find key thoughts, feelings and actions to further make changes in the everyday habitual life. Our specific cognitive analytic therapy focuses on identifying current problems in terms of experiences from the past. By understanding the past in relation to the present issues faced, one can identify patterns in life that could hold someone back. Discovering choice and how to change thoughts and actions so that someone can make different decisions from their norm.

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