Cognitive Behavioural therapy

CBT – How can we help?

We offer an in-app service for CBT therapy where you can partake in many activities to enrich your personal development. Use our Mood Box Tool to log and track your mood overtime. With this both you and your therapist can track progress and tailor therapy to help you get the most out of your sessions. All via text, video and voice note messages, accessible 24/7 via our platform.

What’s the goal of CBT?

Cognitive behavioural therapy helps give people hope and relaxation to develop a more rational thought process. The ultimate goal is to learn the skills to understand a condition, understand the future, and reduce stress. For more information, read each goal set below.

What can CBT help with?

CBT therapy is beneficial for many common life challenges such as reducing stress, mending complex relationships, and grief.

Is CBT effective for anxiety?

Is CBT good for anxiety? Yes, CBT is an effective therapy for generalized anxiety disorder or GAD. For more information on GAD, please visit our therapies page for Anxiety Disorder. Cognitive behavioural therapy has been proven effective for those with anxiety and depression. There is no exact time for how long therapy will take to fully experience its effects, but the average time accounted for minimum 6 months of sessions. Here at SupportRoom however, we have no need for appointed sessions, so the recovery time is up to you and your involvement on the platform.

Who is Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) for?

First, it is best to know what is CBT, to understand who CBT may help and how can it benefit someone. As cognitive behavioural therapy is a psychological treatment, it can tackle a wide range of problems. For example CBT is effective for those with problems such as marital issues, drug abuse, eating disorders, and common mental ailments. CBT therapy is effective for many issues because of its practical self-help strategies to challenge unhealthy thoughts.

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