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Do you struggle with stress on a regular basis? Do you ever feel like you can never catch a break at work? Stress at work in itself is an issue that frankly, isn’t as known as it should be.

Stress is a very common thing to expect when it comes to working. Whether it’s dealing with difficult co-workers or tight deadlines, people encounter daily stressors all the time.

While there are certain things we can’t change, it’s still useful to know how to deal with stress at work. Stress, if left untreated, can have damaging effects on our physical and mental wellbeing.

The rest of this article will tackle how to deal with a stressful work environment, and how to deal with emotional stress at work.

Dealing with the environment

Establish boundaries. Wherever possible, this can be effective in limiting your stress. Say “no” when you’re asked to take more responsibilities, for example.

Channel healthier responses to stress. Rather than a cigarette break, spend that twenty minutes doing some meditation. Get sweaty in the gym as a substitute for going for a pint. Small healthy choices can go a long way to making you feel less stressed.

Rest and recuperate. Switch off of work whenever you can. This can make you feel less overburdened by work. Whether that’s pausing your notifications, or even turning off your phone entirely!

Be more diligent. You can also consider switching up your work ethic to combat stress better. Procrastinate less. Remove distractions. Learn how to better time manage!

Seek some support. Lean on your family and friends. Reach out to a close colleague if possible. Alternatively, let a supervisor know that you’re struggling. They can delegate to someone else, or recommend some stress therapy!

Dealing with emotional stress

Sometimes, work isn’t the main source of our stress. We could have other things going on in our personal life that we may be stressing over. Unfortunately, that can affect our work.

But there are some things you can do to avoid this. Here are some tips on how to deal with stress and depression at work:

Identify your stressors. Sit down and establish potential stressors in your life. Relationship troubles? Financial struggles? Getting to the bottom of your stress can bring you one step closer to treating it.

Be kind to yourself. Being hard on yourself can worsen your stress. If you’re not performing as well as you used to, take it easy. Nobody works well under enormous amounts of pressure.

Go to therapy. When your personal life starts to encroach on your work life, you might want to consider seeking professional help. Sometimes, there are issues that require more effective and long-term solutions. Which you can find through therapy!

Everyone deals with daily stressors at work differently. But it’s important to know how to deal with stress at work in a healthy manner. Whether that’s going to therapy or considering other solutions. Stress can pile up before you know it. Left untreated, they can affect your work performance. Not to mention your physical and mental health!


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