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Do you find that your old hobbies don’t keep you as entertained nowadays? Are you struggling to find hobbies of any interest?

Hobbies are great ways to pick up new skills and grow as a person. More than that, they’re effective at distracting yourself!

Lately it’s been incredibly important to keep the mind active. Hobbies may be the perfect way to achieve this, from reading that unfinished book to baking banana bread.

The rest of his article will cover the importance of having a hobby, and how to find a hobby that makes you happy.

The importance of having a hobby

Hobbies are particularly useful, and we do them because we enjoy them! Since COVID-19 especially, many people have had to turn to old or new hobbies to keep us preoccupied.

They’re not only helpful when it comes to passing time. The importance of having a hobby has something to do with our mental health as well. Some of us find that keeping busy and staying productive often lifts our spirits.

Most often or not, this is the case with most mental health issues, like depression or anxiety. They help distract us and make us feel like we have a purpose when we’re doing something.

Since regular routines have been interrupted and certain freedoms currently restricted, hobbies offer a perfect alternative. They can make passing the time much easier, especially with your partner or a family member involved.

Whether they’re relaxing or more energetic, they’re also great when it comes to working on yourself. Many of us usually don’t have much time to do that, or we struggle balancing it with everyday responsibilities. But since many of us have had more free time over the past year, this provides us ample opportunity to work on ourselves through hobbies.

How to find a new hobby that makes you happy

There are a few things you can consider when figuring out how to find a new hobby. How do you like to spend your free time? Are you creative? Do you enjoy being active? Do you prefer spending time indoors or outdoors?

Expect to try a few at first to figure out what you like and don’t like! Sometimes, you might find inspiration towards one, like painting. Other times, you might find it in an everyday activity, like cooking.

You can also consider tackling a hobby with a friend or family member. Why not ask to join them on their hike or run next time? You can also ask them to attend a class with you if you don’t want to go alone. Plus, it’s a great excuse to spend time with your loves ones.

Ever wanted to get into a hobby like bullet journalling but not knowing where to start? Finding YouTube videos, reading up articles or other people’s feedback is a great start when considering a hobby as well. When it comes to hobbies that require a bit of learning, like fishing, research beforehand is especially useful. You can also see whether it’s for you!

Photography, art, fishing, whatever suits whoever!

Hobbies are great ways to keep the mind active and escape reality for a little bit. People who suffer from mental health issues, like depression or anxiety, and can’t access therapy may find them useful. Through finding a hobby and doing something you enjoy can hopefully lift your spirits up!


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