Do you struggle to be social from time to time? Do you experience the fear of missing out when your friends meet up without you? 

With England gradually lifting lockdown restrictions, many are inevitably excited to socialise once again with their family and friends. Humans are sociable creatures, after all! 

But some may struggle a bit when it comes to being social again. Especially introverts. However, the rest of this article will cover some useful tips on how to be more social again, the importance of friendship, and how it can actually help your mental health. 

Getting back to your social self

One of the first steps you can take is to organise a call with your friends! Whether over the phone or over Zoom. By doing this, you can start adjusting to other people’s company. While still respecting your boundaries.

When it comes to face-to-face meetings, you can do something simple. Coffee at your little local coffee shop can be a great first step. They require less hassle, and the super casual atmosphere can put you at ease. 

Equally, you can visit each other’s homes. Pop on a show you’ve been meaning to watch together. This is also an effective way to social distance from other people!

You may also find going for a walk with a friend or two worthwhile. This is because having something to do while you’re catching up can take the pressure off. Strolling in the park can be incredibly effective at distracting you from your worries! 

Ultimately, doing an activity that both you and your friend enjoy offers a good opportunity to be social again. 

Every now and then, it’s important for us to socialise. Reconnecting with close ones can be a great way to lift our spirits or distract us from our worries. 

How to reconnect with friends

When it comes to friendship and mental health, it can be very good for us to lean on our friends. Luckily, we have so many options at our disposal to stay in touch with them! 

Nowadays, communication barely has any limits. You can instant message or hop on a video call to reconnect with friends. There are also many platforms that allow you to play online games with each other or watch films at the same time. 

Reconnecting with a friend has many mental health benefits. Socialising can reduce stress, increase this sense of belonging, make you happier, and improve your self-esteem.

With covering how to be more social, we hope we’ve provided ways to safely reconnect with friends! Socialising can be a powerful tool when it comes to improving our mental health. And hopefully, with lockdown restrictions lifting, this now makes it easier for us to connect with loved ones.


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