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Has your motivation been lacking recently? Do you feel as if you have no sense of purpose these days? You may feel you need to figure out how to stay busy as a lot of the time.

This neverending barrage of lockdowns can make anyone feel like they have no drive whatsoever. Things might feel out of control. You also might think: what’s the point of doing anything these days? 

What’s important to know is motivation comes and goes. But what stays are the habits that we make and implement daily. 

The rest of this article will uncover how to find motivation and how to stay busy at home. You might find that you need to change things up a bit or take the first step!

How to find motivation to do something

Many lose the motivation to accomplish things that were once part of their routine. 

Especially with the lockdown, you might find little point in keeping up with your normal habits. Like tidying up the house or working out for an hour. 

But there are things you can do to recover your motivation and stay on track:

  • Concentrate on one specific, attainable goal – Focus on one thing at a time. Don’t spread yourself too thin.
  • Break it into smaller tasks – You might find that your goal isn’t so large and intimidating.
  • Write down your goal – Writing goals in your diary or on your phone can serve as reminders. They can also help prevent you from procrastinating once it’s already scheduled. 
  • Attach your goal to something you already do – This can make it easier to fulfil your goal. For example, if you want to read more books, why not read a few pages during breakfast?
  • Regularly review your goals and your progress – Looking back on how much you’ve accomplished will encourage you to keep going!
  • Surround yourself with positive people – Be around people who can lift you when you’re struggling. You can even find friends or family to accomplish your goal with. Or to hold you accountable!

How to find your purpose

With lockdown after lockdown, you may have lost your sense of purpose in life which is more than reasonable. But you might find it beneficial to connect your motivation with an ultimate purpose. 

Motivation comes and goes as we know. So it’s worth determining what your ultimate purpose is behind achieving this goal. This can help on days where you’re particularly struggling or if you’re considering giving up. 

Moreover, it can help remind you what the bigger picture is. For certain goals that might be trickier to achieve, it’s helpful to attach a meaning behind it. 

For example: My goal is to keep up my fitness during lockdown. This is because I want to live a healthier lifestyle

You might also find it worth asking yourself:

  • What is this goal for? 
  • Why are you motivating yourself in the first place?
  • Where or what kind of position do you want to be in life? Whether in one year, five years, or ten years?
  • Will accomplishing this goal make me become a better version of myself?

During these times where our normal routines have shifted, it’s important to know how to stay busy nonetheless. When we have more time for ourselves, it’s easy for our minds to wander down certain paths. 

We start to worry more or become more melancholy. Which isn’t good for our emotional or mental wellbeing. 

This is why we need to keep ourselves occupied and stay productive. By accomplishing certain goals every day or every week, this can make us feel like we have a sense of purpose. And overall, keep our spirits lifted during lockdown!


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