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We are excited to announce that IAM Cloud is joining the mission to better mental health.

From simple utilities to fully-featured platforms, IAM Cloud is all about creating software that solves problems. A fully employee-owned company, IAM Cloud products are designed to simplify managing IT.

IAM Cloud’s principles are all about following their own rules: they grow at their own pace, in the direction that feels natural to them. For IAM Cloud, customers are always a top priority, which means that staff have to deliver exceptional service.

Putting excellence first in such a fast-paced environment can take a toll on one’s mental health. Because of this, IAM Cloud has decided to invest in their staff’s mental well-being and ensure that they have someone to talk to at all times. No other mental healthcare provider could have been more suitable than SupportRoom, a digital therapy provider that offers flexible and ongoing mental health support.

Our team of dedicated therapists allows busy employees to access on-demand mental health support that suits their needs. Therapy via in-app messages, voice, or video options is always available for employees who are always on the run but need someone to talk to.


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About SupportRoom

We are a virtual mental health platform, and our aim is to improve psychological wellbeing, both at home and in the workplace. We want to make therapy convenient and easy to access, as we understand that mental health support should not be put on hold nor be for a select few

Based in London, UK, we offer more than virtual therapy. There are additional services, which include wellbeing monitoring, data analytics for leaders, self-care tools, and Slack and MS Teams Integration. We offer comprehensive mental health support that doesn’t need to be scheduled weeks in advance. Your wellbeing comes first, and our team will go above and beyond to look after your mental health whenever you need it.

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