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What makes a good human resources team? Why is HR important? What are some of the things they’re required to do?

Essentially, HR is responsible for increasing employee productivity and making sure that the workplace runs smoothly. 

Recently, workplace environments have changed due to the pandemic. Since HR teams have had to adapt and expand to overcome this snag, they have shown themselves to be an incredibly important part of a company. 

Read the rest of this article, where we will cover what an HR team is, why you should invest in a good HR team, and why HR is important. 

What is an HR team?

HR teams are responsible for managing employees within a company and ensuring their needs are met. Simply put, they are a resource for humans!

Some of their responsibilities include bringing on new employees into the company. This includes recruiting them, as well as onboarding. Sometimes, HR is also required to train employees or provide better guidance for managers. However, HR also has to deal with the tough job of letting employees go. 

There are different types of people who can work in HR. Some examples include recruiters, employee specialists, director of human resources, and human resources coordinators.

Why you should invest in a solid HR team

HR gets involved in some of the nitty-gritty stuff. They’re responsible for firing employees or negotiating salaries. They’re also who you go to when it comes to booking leave.

HR also deals with employee concerns about management or morale. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a reliable team! Employees should be able to trust that their HR team can effectively solve their issues. Otherwise, organisations may find low employee dissatisfaction. This can affect things like productivity output or even a company’s turnover rate. 

Some of the things that HR can do is to improve performance. They can do this by sharing important information and ideas. For example, they can put learning into practice on how to enhance team performance.

What’s also important to note is that many companies have had to deal with economic uncertainty during this time. Company finances can be hard to keep track of as a result. Since HR is also in charge of keeping track of budgets, salaries, and losses, it takes a special skill to keep on top of all of that. Especially with unpredictable market changes!

Why is HR important?

One of the big reasons why human resources are important is because they keep employees happy. Employees are perhaps one of the biggest assets that a company can have. Without a doubt, the pandemic has definitely shown that! 

Therefore, it’s essential for employees to feel as if they have a robust support system in the workplace. Somewhere where they can feel comfortable going to for any concerns or answers.

HR can make employees feel supported and provided for in their work. They can address weaknesses and put into place solutions to compensate. And HR is trained to focus on improving wellbeing, work performance, and engagement anyway! While this may not be the main priority for supervisors, it is for HR.

Although employee wellbeing has become a larger topic of discussion, there are some that may not feel comfortable opening up to their bosses. Some employees may not feel comfortable directly speaking to their boss outside of work communications. For example, when it comes to booking holidays. This is why HR is handy for those types of conversations. 

Why HR is important is due to a number of reasons, not least maintaining employee wellbeing. They can make a world of difference in taking care of employees, who are highly valuable to a company. Our ESP solution can help your HR team better track and improve employee wellbeing.


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