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A recent report has shown that 42% of employees with access to mental health resources are more likely to stay in a job than if they didn’t have them. This is an impressive figure for employers looking to provide a form of mental health benefits to their workforce.

As times are changing, employee mental health benefits are more likely to become a ‘must’ rather than a perk. Since more people are becoming aware of the impact of life stressors on their wellbeing, mental health benefits are starting to be one of the most sought-after job criteria for job seekers. In fact, a survey of 14,000 employees across 13 countries found that 44% of people who did not have access to mental health benefits felt unsupported in the workplace. This is not great news, as studies show that unsupported employees are more demotivated and less confident in handling job pressures.

Therefore, implementing employee mental health benefits is quite essential for organisations that want to succeed. This article will present you with 5 ideas of mental health benefits you can introduce in your workplace.

What’s trending in employee mental health benefits?

For employees who haven’t introduced a form of employee mental health in their organisations, it’s not too late. One starting point would be to think of mental health issues as something that everyone struggles with from time to time. It would also be helpful for employers to identify areas where their workforce needs support and deliver the programs centered around this need.

Online mental health support resources

Digital therapy providers are one of the most accessible and easy-to-use mental health resources for employees. They not only work towards reliving the stigma of mental health support but also help employees become more resilient and resourceful during difficult times.

Mental health support providers like SupportRoom offer flexible therapy to employees and individuals who need mental health interventions but cannot wait for appointments or scheduled sessions. Their team of supportive therapists helps you look after your employees’ mental health in a flexible and convenient manner. SupportRoom believes that no one should have to wait to get appropriate mental health support, and this is why accessibility is a core value that they take great pride in.

Flexible working

Employers should keep in mind that their workforce is constantly adjusting to changing social norms. However, this effort to keep up with an ever-changing way of living and working should be reciprocated with adequate flexibility from the employers’ side.

Whenever possible, do your best to remain as flexible as you can with regards to modes of working (remote versus office) and work schedules. If you feel that employees would better benefit from remote working, see how you can accommodate that in your work policy.

One great way to get insights into your workforce’s preference for flexible work is to conduct well-being surveys. Get regular feedback from your team and ensure that their well-being goals are met in the workplace by using tools like Heartbeat insights. This accessible tool can help you see how your work modes benefit employee mental health in the workplace.


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Caregiving support

As the current generations continue to age, more and more workers will have to start looking after their elderly parents in addition to their work responsibilities. This can be difficult and result in a number of mental health difficulties among employees. Introducing caregiving benefits can benefit employee mental health in a number of ways, such as:

  • Paid leave offered exclusively for caregiving can help employees worry less about taking time off to care for their parents
  • Flexible scheduling can offer the freedom to work remotely, at any hours that suit them

Telemental health coverage

Telemental health options have been increasing over the last two years to offer employees the option to seek counseling from the comfort of their own homes. Employers can encourage their staff to use telemental health services to gain access to mental health support in a quick and convenient manner.

Telehealth service providers are also making therapy sessions — via phone or video conferencing with psychologists and other mental health professionals—available as part of their programs.

Community support

Mental health issues aren’t new. People have always dealt with some form of depression, anxiety, or being overwhelmed. Prior to the access to therapy support, many individuals have found relief in their close communities. Social support is one of the most protective factors for mental health issues.

In the context of workplace wellbeing, employers are advised to place a great emphasis on forming a sense of community amongst their employees. This can be achieved by facilitating meet ups and events outside the regular work schedule. When employees are interacting with their colleagues and bonding over common interests, they can form friendships that become a source of support during stressful times.

Employees who feel a sense of belonging to a group are also more likely to open up to each about their mental health struggles which have become common for so many in the last two years. As individuals talk about mental health, they normalise that sometimes ‘it’s okay not to be okay’, which in itself relieves some of the pressure of a mental health struggle.


Making mental health a priority as part of your employee benefits

Mental health is one of the greatest predictors of workplace happiness and productivity. Help your employees feel more in control of their stress and worries by giving them on-demand access to regular therapy sessions. SupportRoom’s dedicated team of therapists are always on the other side of the internet connection to help your employees talk about whatever is on their mind.

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