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Are you and your partner stumped on what your new year’s resolution ideas will be for 2021? Or has the previous year finally motivated both of you towards achieving a goal? Such as eating a more healthy diet, or putting more effort around dates? Find some inspiration for new years resolutions for couples here.

With 2021 finally upon us, many of us are probably relieved to put the past year behind us and start fresh. But some couples might feel like they don’t know where to start, or have exhausted other ideas. Considering how Covid-19 has affected relationships in an unpredictable way, it would be worth looking into extra ways to ease any tension you may have in the coming new year.

During the rest of this article, we’ll cover some useful couple ideas for new years resolutions for couples, you and your significant other can consider.

Some new year’s resolution ideas for couples

Looking for some inspiration on how to choose a new year’s resolution for you and your partner? Look no further.

Spend more quality time together

Rather than focusing all your attention on the television this year, why not plan more nights where you can focus on each other?

Plan a night for a game of Scrabble. Make a candlelit dinner for two at home and talk throughout the night, as if you were recreating your first date together. You can even cook it together! 

Travel somewhere

We understand this one might be a bit difficult at the moment. But you can always start discussing where the two of you would go and what activities you would do once travelling is possible.

Tick off some of the countries that are on your bucket list. Think about visiting the sights you two have always wanted to take a selfie at.

Improve your lifestyle

Instead of indulging in that greasy take-out, opt for something healthier. 

For this year, why not incorporate more healthy meals at home or going for a run? 

Your physical health doesn’t have to be the only thing that can be improved. You might also find it worth practising some meditation once a week!

Do something new

Why not introduce something new in your lives, like rock climbing or trying out an art class?

This can be a good way to freshen your relationship up a bit. And going on any type of adventure with your partner is always exciting! 

Make your relationship healthier

Maybe you can improve communicating or being honest with your loved one? Or you could try doing more acts of service for your partner, like doing the washing up? 

Strengthening your relationship is always worthwhile, including as a new year’s resolution for couples. 

Couple’s new year’s resolution ideas

Here are just several ideas that couples can consider for their new year’s resolutions.

After the trials and tribulations of last year, 2021 will be an unpredictable year in all sorts. So creating a routine through fulfilling a resolution is a useful way of being in control. 

And deciding on some new years resolution ideas for couples can also make a difference in setting the tone of this year. 

Don’t forget to start small with your resolutions. No one is expecting you to do the most, all at once. Resolutions aren’t a race! 

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