SupportRoom and Heka are pleased to announce their new strategic partnership, combining SupportRoom’s on-demand mental health solutions with Heka’s personalised and flexible employee benefits platform.


The modern worker is often stretched to the limit, struggling to balance the ever-changing expectations of the work environment with their home life. Eventually, the pressure to perform can lead to symptoms of stress and burnout, and a range of other mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. 


Heka recognises that all work and no play is a one-way ticket to burnout. So, they developed their innovative gateway to over 1000 carefully curated employee experiences, covering mental, physical, and lifestyle activities. They deliver in-person, online, and on-demand experiences to support employees wherever they are, whenever they need it.


Like SupportRoom, Heka acknowledges that employees are more than just a cog in the machine. Employees perform best when they feel valued and recognised for their unique strengths. The SupportRoom/Heka collaboration will reinforce Heka’s holistic approach to wellness for their broad client roster.


SupportRoom will complement Heka’s catalogue of wellbeing services, providing ongoing, on-demand therapy services from qualified therapists, counsellors, and life coaches. SupportRoom’s innovative services are ready to help employees address their mental health needs whenever they need help; 24/7. 


About Heka


Heka recognises that everybody has a different sweet spot and that there’s no single path to wellness. Each person has their own way to relax, destress, and recuperate. This awareness led them to develop their innovative digital platform, connecting employees to a raft of independent wellness services; allowing employees to select the wellness benefits that serve their individual needs.


Heka identified that just over 5% of employees were using corporate gym memberships, and under 3% were accessing company EAPs. In contrast, Heka’s marketplace benefits solution has an 85% employee engagement rate, bringing personalised wellness benefits to thousands of employees around the UK.


About SupportRoom


SupportRoom is an online therapy platform whose goal is to improve the livelihoods of people suffering from the symptoms of poor mental health. They support both individuals and employees who struggle with their mental health and help organisations transform their workforce’s wellbeing.


Clients communicate with therapists via in-app messaging, videos, and voice messages. All SupportRoom therapists are fully qualified and offer confidential, convenient treatments through a user-friendly mobile-first platform – accessible from smartphones, tablets, and computers. 


With a range of innovative health-tech tools, SupportRoom provides deep data analytics, producing auditable metrics that represent changes in the mental health journey of its users. These metrics are invaluable to organisations to help them understand the mental health needs of their workforce.


SupportRoom and Heka are excited to offer this unique, connected service that aims to improve employee wellbeing while increasing employee engagement, productivity, and morale. 


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