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After a decade of underfunding, the NHS is now struggling to address the UK’s mental health needs. It can take up to two months to receive an assessment for treatment; by then, it’s already too late for some people. This is what prompted Ash Vipani, founder of SupportRoom, to explore the benefits of online therapy. He brought together a team of mental health professionals and web experts to create an innovative online therapy platform; providing ongoing support for everyone. 

Without the wait.

SupportRoom is now LIVE

After a year of planning, developing, and testing, SupportRoom is now open and ready to provide 24/7 mental health support.

Therefore, SupportRoom is now ready to connect you to online counsellors and therapists quickly and confidentially, using the devices we all use every day. 

How can online therapy help?

Traditional therapy is an endlless loop of waiting. In other words, you wait for an assessment and you hold on for your appointments. And the solution is often simply medication which fails to address the root of the problem.

Luckily, one of the principal benefits of online therapy is speed. 

Anyone can sign up to SupportRoom. Firstly, you’ll take a simple, two-minute online assessment. Then, you can speak to a therapist; qualified to address your specific needs.

SupportRoom is for individuals or organisations (through an Employee Assistance Programme). You can access the platform through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. In other words, you can communicate with our qualified therapists through text, voice, or video.

Additionally, you can track your progress with Moodbox – our innovative journaling application. 

Confidential. Always-on. Available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Who is SupportRoom?

SupportRoom is the brainchild of serial internet entrepreneur, Ash Vipani. 

After losing a close family member to suicide, Ash was inspired to create a platform that offers instant, ongoing mental health support. Above all, he wanted to connect highly qualified therapists to anyone who needs someone to talk to.

SupportRoom can help treat:

  • anxiety and depression
  • bipolar
  • self-harm and low self-esteem
  • addiction and substance abuse 
  • eating disorders
  • grief and bereavement
  • Phobias

Check out our A-Z of mental health issues and get help today. 

Is online counselling effective?

Online counselling works by connecting you to a therapist from the comfort of your own home. So, you can access SupportRoom from anywhere with a data connection (WiFi and 3/4/5G). 

Text messaging is the most straightforward and discreet approach to exchanging messages with your therapist. Moreover, you can do this from wherever you are – nobody else needs to know you’re receiving world-class support from a qualified online counsellor. 

Our always-on platform is available any time of the day or night; that’s MUCH better than traditional therapy. In other words, no more travelling, no waiting rooms, no week-long waits between sessions.

So, if you’re wondering “Does online therapy work?”, you only need to give a try yourself. 

Signing up to SupportRoom is a simple process that takes minutes. And you get 20 minutes of free consultation time to make sure that you’re comfortable with your assigned therapist. 

Is online therapy safe?

SupportRoom’s innovative platform is super-safe. We use banking-grade encryption to protect your identity, data, and all stored conversations between you and your therapist. 

SupportRoom is HIPAA-compliant, protecting your sensitive information in precisely the same way as you would expect from face-to-face therapy.  

SupportRoom is now Live. For more information, explore our website and discover how easy it is to get the help that – perhaps – you’ve been putting off. 

SupportRoom tackling the mental health crisis

A decade of underfunding of the NHS has pushed mental health services to breaking point.

If you’re concerned about your mental health and need help now, SupportRoom is here to help. Whatever your mental health needs, we’re here.

You’re never alone.

Stop coping. Start living. Talking helps. 


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