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If you’re ill in the UK, you go to your GP, and they prescribe you something to help. But have you ever struggled to get the treatment you need? Luckily, the world of tech and mental health are merging to improve accessibility for all.

Many people with poor mental health face limited options when it comes to the NHS. You might get a referral for an assessment from your GP, but it can take weeks – months, even – to see somebody to treat your condition.

According to MIND, just 1 in 8 patients suffering from a severe mental health condition receive treatment. Even then, you might get only six weeks of treatment, and then you’re left to fend for yourself. This means that almost 90% of patients are left to cope for themselves. 

We don’t think that’s good enough. 

We created SupportRoom to address the barrier to mental healthcare. SupportRoom is an affordable, ongoing online therapy platform, connecting patients to qualified, licensed therapists. Using the device you already have in your pocket, SupportRoom is marrying tech with mental health treatment, offering online therapy for as long as you need it.  

The Impact of Tech on the Mental Health Space

Coronavirus and lockdown have exacerbated mental health conditions throughout the UK. In other words, loneliness and isolation are at an all-time high.

Almost 45% of the “chronically lonely” claim that lockdown and the international health crisis has affected their general wellbeing. In short, there are too many barriers to NHS mental health services at the best of times – if your mental health is waning, you’re pretty much on your own. 

Online therapy, therefore, allows anyone with an internet-enabled device to access mental health support quickly. 

How SupportRoom works

SupportRoom works on smartphones, tablets, and desktop/laptop computers. Sign-up is super-simple and takes less than five minutes. You get free, immediate support, and time to discuss your mental health issues with a qualified therapist. 

You can access our network of qualified, experienced therapists via text or voice messaging, or via video – all through a single app. And we have a range of excellent tools that help you assess and record how you feel today, which lets you track changes over time. 

We’ve made sure that SupportRoom is there to overcome the barriers to treatment, with super-affordable tariffs to suit every pocket. 

SupportRoom is now LIVE

Anyone can now access ongoing mental health support – 24/7, 365 days a year – through SupportRoom’s confidential, super-secure online platform. 

We understand there’s a lot of stigma around mental health. And – for some – this is yet another barrier to accessing treatment.

So, we created our platform to provide text message therapy so that anyone can access counselling services at any time: in your living room with other people there, on the bus, at work; anywhere you can access the internet. 

Discreet, confidential, and always-on. 

SupportRoom is here to help—any time of the day or night.  

SupportRoom for Business

We have designed SupportRoom’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to provide the same level of day-or-night support to employees. Stress-related mental health conditions cause up to 50% of all work absenteeism in the UK and a proven reduction in productivity.

SupportRoom’s platform is designed to support entire organisations while offering data-rich analysis for employers; helping them determine where and why there are mental health concerns within their business. 

We aim to become the go-to organisation for online mental health support for individuals and businesses. 

What We Hope To Prove

We believe that mental health support isn’t a luxury; it’s a right. 

We believe that the UK government needs to address the impending mental health epidemic to aid the economic recovery from the impacts of Coronavirus. 

According to Deloitte, 1 in 6 UK workers suffer from a mental health problem, with stress-related health issues accounting for almost half of all sick days. 

The economy can’t continue to bear the weight of poor mental health. SupportRoom will work tirelessly to ensure that the UK population’s mental health (and around the world) is better supported. 

For information about SupportRoom’s services, explore our website

Remember: you’re never alone. 

Stop coping. Start living. Talking helps. 


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