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We are delighted to announce that we are taking the next step in our journey with Precise Consultants on our mission to improve mental health.

Precise Consultants is a leading supplier of contract personnel to the offshore energy industry offering specialised recruitment solutions. As a company that prides itself in establishing successful partnerships with the offshore sector, Precise Consultants understands the process of matching contractors against the requirements of their clients and projects.

Without a doubt, Precise Consultants have a lot on their plate. In the last 12 months, they have increased their revenue by more than 60%, matching personnel from 41 different countries to projects located in over 50 countries. The dynamic environment, besides the goal of matching clients to the right contractors, can take a toll on their mental health.

Fortunately, Precise Consultants knows that people cannot pour from an empty cup. Before being there for clients and contractors, they must first look after their own wellbeing. For this reason, they have been collaborating with SupportRoom since September 2021 to access on-demand therapy support that is flexible enough to fit any busy schedule.

SupportRoom therapists are prepared for any work-related challenge. They know that the world has never been as complex as today, which is why they are ready to listen, support, and hold space for busy people. Therapy is available in several formats, such as in-app messaging, voice notes, or video calls.


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About SupportRoom

SupportRoom is a digital mental health platform whose mission is to transform workplace wellbeing. Based in London, UK, SupportRoom removes barriers to therapy by making mental health interventions easy to use and highly accessible. We pride ourselves on offering therapy on demand, without appointments or long waiting lists.

SupportRoom also offers all-round workplace mental health support. We help leaders and managers analyse wellbeing trends and deliver strategies based on real data. Besides, employees also benefit from additional self-care tools, such as therapy journal monitoring and valuable mental health resources in just one place.

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