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SupportRoom is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the founder of Get Your Sh*t Together, Katie Maycock.

Why we partnered with Get Your Sh*t Together, Katie Maycock

SupportRoom’s online therapy platform provides mental health support and data analytics for organisations. 

Its digital EAP solutions for businesses enable employees to receive on-demand clinical support in the moment. The platform also identifies issues that have impacted employees’ wellbeing and mental health across the workplace. Fundamentally, SupportRoom’s data analytics enables HR teams to identify the key issues, drive change, and transform their employees’ wellbeing — without making assumptions. 

Organisations traditionally spend their budget on coaches and other resources to improve the wellbeing of their employees. Being aware of this, SupportRoom was keen to provide a human personnel service. Organisations can now benefit from the SupportRoom platform, where they can identify departments that need more support, and then deliver SupportRoom’s professional services into those specific departments. 

By partnering with Katie, SupportRoom will offer a professional service arm for businesses that want to improve employee wellbeing through mentoring or coaching.

Organisations across the board can specifically opt for SupportRoom professional services that include coaching sessions, manager training, wellbeing sessions, and transformation strategies for both executives and board directors.

SupportRoom’s professional services will help to tackle employees workplace stress; raising awareness of its impact on the body and mind; how it can reduce productivity; support overcome and prevent burnouts and mental clarity for many people. 

We could have never created the new arm to SupportRoom business without partnering with Get Your Sh*t Together, Katie Maycock.

What is SupportRoom

SupportRoom is a budding start-up whose goal is to transform employee wellbeing and drive fundamental changes within organisations.

SupportRoom offers a digital behavioural technology healthcare platform that provides solutions for the B2C & B2B space.

With SupportRoom, clients can communicate with therapists via in-app messaging, videos and voice message. All our therapists are fully qualified & offer confidential, convenient online therapy. 

Two vital areas for mental health include mood and cognitive function. Employees can manually input and analyse the data. 

With SupportRoom’s digital EAP enterprise solution, employees can receive on-demand support, as well as monitor their symptoms and wellbeing over time.

Employee anonymised data is aggregated to present organisations with trends into physical, mental health and wellbeing across their workforce. HR teams can track employee wellbeing by departments, and why wellbeing in the workplace has been impacted.

With SupportRoom, HR teams can also identify and implement change as efficiently as possible. Since SupportRoom provides deep analytics, this enables an organisation to improve wellbeing and efficiencies, as well as reduce sick days across their entire workforce. 

“Transform the wellbeing of your workforce with SupportRoom.”

Headquartered in London, UK, the company’s mission is to provide a convenient online platform for behavioural health and life improvement services that enable both service users and mental health/counselling professionals to connect on the go.



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