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SupportRoom is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with IT support and solutions provider, Keybridge IT Solutions. Since both companies are committed to delivering affordable and high-quality services to their clients, Keybridge IT’s employees will receive on-demand therapy support via SupportRoom online therapy app. 

Nowadays, organisations across many industries use Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to help improve employee wellbeing. Although many have taken this first step, there are many solutions on the market that don’t quite add up to what it offers.

Support for any problem should be effective, simple, and quick to deliver. More often than not though, they fail to meet these requirements, offering instead limited services inflexible to employees’ busy schedules. As Keybridge is one of many businesses that endeavour to deliver the best for their employees, therapy services should deliver no less for employees who need it.

Every problem and every person is different, therefore requiring different solutions. The SupportRoom-Keybridge partnership will give employees access to a range of on-demand therapies, where they can share their thoughts or how they’re feeling with a dedicated therapist via SupportRoom secure web app. Wherever they are, and at whatever time of day, employees can receive support across any device. Whether they’re suffering from depression or work burnout, qualified therapists are ready to step in and help employees with symptoms of any mental health issue or work-related strain.

Keybridge IT will also have full use of SupportRoom management deep analytic platform. The Management platform will Keybridge with a deeper understanding of what their employees are struggling with. Since Keybridge prides itself on caring for its employees, our data-rich analytics will enable them to care for their employees – combatting issues by not only overcoming them but preventing them from arising in the first place.

The SupportRoom-Keybridge IT partnership manifests the beginning of real effective change for employee wellbeing, showing that the happiness of its workers can coincide with the happiness of its clients.

Established in 2010, Keybridge IT Solutions have been supplying its services to over 2,500 users throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. They specialise in four key areas – IT support, cloud services, VOIP telephony and recruitment-specific IT services. 

About Keybridge IT Solutions

With IT and Recruitment knowledge under their belt, they have an ever-growing client base that allows them to stand out among others. Keybridge IT is also a certified Microsoft partner, giving them the further upper hand in providing access to support that end users don’t have.

SupportRoom is an online therapy platform whose mission is to better the livelihoods of people suffering from the symptoms of poor mental health. Since 2020, they have been supporting both individuals and employees who struggle with their mental health and help organisations transform the wellbeing of their workforce.

About SupportRoom

Clients communicate with therapists via in-app messaging, videos, and voice notes. All SupportRoom therapists are fully qualified and offer confidential, convenient treatments through a user-friendly mobile-first platform – accessible from smartphones, tablets, and computers. 

With a range of innovative health-tech tools, SupportRoom provides deep data analytics, producing auditable metrics that represent changes in the mental health journey of its users. These metrics are invaluable to organisations to help them understand the mental health needs of their workforce.

SupportRoom and Keybridge IT Solutions are excited to offer this unique, connected service that aims to improve employee wellbeing – from financial stability all the way to emotional stability.


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