Precise Consultants

SupportRoom is announcing its partnership with experts in offshore and marine recruitment, Precise Consultants. With SupportRoom, this strategic venture will provide Precise Consultant employees and its contractors on-demand and ongoing mental health support.

Offshore life can be demanding and taxing for an employee – from clocking in long shifts to having a lot of pressure placed on one’s shoulders. Precise Consultants understand that it takes a certain type of person and skill to work in such a highly specialised environment, which is why their agency takes extra care in connecting the best freelance personnel with their clients. However, that extra care in providing the best results for their clients can mean that the well-being of their employees or contractors become indirectly neglected. 

Using SupportRoom’s on-demand therapy support app, the offshore and marine recruitment agency can focus on what they do best without skimping on the wellbeing and morale of their workforce. Both internal employees and freelance personnel can get instant and online support from their own qualified therapist, whenever they need it. Receiving 24/7 support, they can receive help for whatever symptoms they may be struggling with – from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Precise Consultants can still sort out the administration and logistics, and deliver the best onshore and offshore contractors while prioritising the physical and mental well-being of their entire workforce.

Both SupportRoom and Precise Consultants recognise what working in a high-stress environment can do to an employee, which is why this strategic partnership will offer their workforce the insight to understand the causes behind poor mental wellbeing. SupportRoom’s anonymised data analytics offer organisations and HR departments the chance to identify and root out the problem before they get worse. 

The SupportRoom-Precise Consultants partnership is a demonstration of how highly-specialised industries can focus on maximising productivity and producing results for their clients while protecting the morale and mental wellbeing of their employees. 

About Precise Consultants

Precise Consultants is an offshore and marine recruitment agency that provides clients with the best freelance personnel for the offshore industry. Founded in 2013, their experience in offshore life has given them unique insight into the ins and outs of this environment, allowing them to handpick the best experts for specialised roles. Precise Consultants prides itself in working across five key disciplines: Survey, Inspection, ROV, Cables, and Marine. 

About SupportRoom

SupportRoom is an online therapy platform whose goal is to improve the livelihoods of those suffering from symptoms of mental health issues. We also provide support to employees who are mentally struggling and help organisations to transform the well-being of their workforce.

With SupportRoom, clients can communicate with therapists via in-app messaging, videos and voice messages. All our therapists are fully qualified and offer confidential, convenient online therapy. 

Two vital areas for mental health include mood and cognitive function. Therefore, we provide on-demand support, where you can also monitor your symptoms and welfare over time. With SupportRoom, track and analyse trends into physical, mental health and wellbeing throughout your therapy journey. 

Transform your wellbeing with SupportRoom, don’t suffer in silence.

Headquartered in London, UK, the company’s mission is to provide a convenient online platform for behavioural health and life improvement services that enable both service users and mental health/counselling professionals to connect on the go.


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