Transform your business with the engagement, performance and growth app that boosts productivity and morale by over 90%

Take your business to the next level with the workplace engagement, performance and growth app that can offer you valuable holistic insights into your workforce and has been shown to increase morale and productivity by over 90%.

Used to help find the pulse of an organisation, the Heartbeat Insights app from SupportRoom helps a company to understand its workforce holistically by engaging with their workforce and leadership team to uncover insight into various topics such as diversity and inclusion, performance reviews, wellbeing, physical health and more.

The insights garnered from these surveys can help an employer better understand their employees at all levels, highlighting issues in the workplace, and overall help them to adjust their employee engagement strategy through anonymous feedback.
Through Heartbeat, an employer can transform their workplace into a more rewarding and successful venture by identifying employee needs and helping to drive growth in a way that can get the most out of their staff.

A recent survey of 2000 employees that have used Heartbeat Insights in their workplace revealed the following benefits after their insights were taken on board by their employers:

  • 90% felt that their morale had improved.
  • 95% felt they had become more productive.
  • 90% of staff were coping better with their work-life balance.
  • 92% saw improvements in their peer relationships.

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Heartbeat Insights takes away the pressure from both employer and employee, creating a platform where concerns and feedback can be shared in a welcoming and engaging format.

Regarding the app Karin Farmer, Marketing Director at SupportRoom said:

“We recognised that, for a business to expand, it needed the right tools to energise and look after its staff, and for that, you need clear insights. Without clear insights about your team’s performance patterns, their mental well-being or your company’s culture, your business can tiptoe forever around the aspects that need changing to promote growth and performance. There was a need for an app like Heartbeat that both increases employee engagement and satisfaction but also helps to accelerate a company’s growth and success.”

SupportRoom currently supports workforce wellness, growth and performance for various leading global organisations, such as Boots, All Star Lanes, Gympass and Anytime Fitness.

The Heartbeat app can not only provide useful insight surveys customised to a company’s specific work culture but can also provide unlimited on-demand workplace, self-help tools and analytics to help support the wellness, performance and growth of staff.

To book a demo of Heartbeat, the on-demand workplace therapy, leaders analytics and employee insights platform, please visit click here.

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