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Support your staff.
So they can support you.

Therapy. Analytics. Organisational tranformation.

SupportRoom helps you:

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Implement change swiftly. Maximise productivity, retention, and morale.

Therapy Plus.
More Than EAP

Our employee support programmes (ESPs) are cumbersome and rarely provide the level of support employees need for genuine change.

SupportRoom goes further than ESP. We support employees through our discreet web-based platform; no booking, no waiting. 

Just help when it’s needed. Our platform gathers anonymised data through innovative tools that transform your understanding of feeling on the floor.

Keeping your workforce focused,
engaged, productive, and happy.

Mental health is in the headlines.
And for good reason.

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1 in 7 employees experience workplace-related mental health issues
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Almost 13% of all sick days are mental health-related​​
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Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year

(Stats from the Mental Health Foundation)
How many employees are in
your organisation?

colleagues are struggling with some form of mental health issue.

days lost per year due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety.


the annual cost of ill-mental health in the workplace.

Our Platform

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Mobile Web First

User-friendly engagement. Real-time notifications. In the office or on the go.

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Data-Rich Analytics

Anonymised data creates a feedback loop like no other. Recognise pain points now. Implement change. Transform the well-being of your workforce with SupportRoom.

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One platform. Many applications. Tools, journals, analytics, chat. All at your fingertips.

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Instant Onboarding

No forms to fill out. Employees start using SupportRoom without surrendering personal information.

More flexible than a double-jointed yoga teacher


SupportRoom can be scaled across a single team, across departments or your entire organisation.


Algorithmic-matching to optimise efficacy. Employees are matched with therapists based on symptoms, gender, and location.


SupportRoom's platform connects patients to qualified therapists via their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Wellbeing Tracker

Employees can track their progress, monitor their symptoms, their well-being during their therapy journey


Therapy isn’t an overnight fix (although we can support them through the night if they need it) whenever you need it.


End-to-end encryption guarantees employee data security. SupportRoom can’t read private conversations and neither can your organisation’s administrators.


SupportRoom is verified for HIPAA compliance; protecting everybody’s privacy.

Deep Analytics

SupportRoom deep analytics enables organisations to identify and improve wellbeing, efficiencies and reduce sick days across their entire workforce.

A new way to support employees

On-demand access to dedicated therapists

SupportRoom is always there, always ready to help, always ready to listen. Ongoing support BEFORE they reach crisis mode.

Deep Data Analytics and Measurability

Research affirms that on-demand and ongoing support increases employee self-esteem and minimises stress. SupportRoom provides measurable improvements in performance, attendance, and staff wellbeing.

SupportRoom’s anonymised analytics provides organisations with insights into:
Transform the way you engage with your employees. Improve employee engagement by understanding their needs.
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SupportRoom Bolsters Productivity

Care when they need it.
Accessed from anywhere.

Traditional Employee Assistance Programmes have just a 5% take-up in most businesses. But the stats suggest that poor mental health is harming the well-being of your staff.

SupportRoom is revolutionising employee support.

Our platform is super-accessible, completely secure, and totally confidential.

Accessible. Secure. Trustworthy.

Straightforward online therapy.

Online Therapy that transforms employee wellbeing.

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