Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

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Online Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Find peace in acceptance. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) allows you to focus and accept whatever life throws your way.

Get the most out of ACT therapy online. Tailored therapy can bring a lifestyle of practising self-acceptance, especially in combination with mindfulness activities.

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ACT Therapy Online From The Comfort Of Your Home

SupportRoom is your virtual and on-demand acceptance and commitment therapy solution to your overwhelming stresses and anxieties. Begin your journey of stressing less and gaining skills that last a lifetime

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Find the cause

Acceptance and Commitment therapy offers a safe space to talk and find the root causes of your stresses. Through guided discussion, learn the real reason for your triggers.

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Talk through it

Find the route to finally accept yourself. Our qualified therapist help guide therapeutic discussion. Sometimes an outside perspective could mean all the difference in understanding yourself.

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Accept yourself

Finally reach a point where you can handle and manage any current and future concerns. Reach your full potential of acceptance and commitment within yourself.

What you’ll gain from ACT therapy​

Acceptance and commitment therapy is an effective way to help treat a wide variety of symptoms – from stress in the workplace to social anxiety.

Battle stress or disorder with ACT therapy and learn to control negative thoughts and emotions.

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Benefits of SupportRoom

  • Support when you need it. 24/7 access.​
  • A platform for everyone. Correspond through text, voice message, or live video.
  • Completely secure and totally confidential.
  • Way more affordable than traditional therapy.​
  • No waiting. No judgement. Real therapists.​​
  • Analytics to track your journey progression​​.​​
  • Ongoing support.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT)?2022-01-05T15:48:37+00:00

Acceptance and commitment therapy is a form of clinical behavioural analysis that encourages people to not fight their thoughts and feelings, but embrace them instead. Acceptance and commitment therapy uses acceptance and mindfulness tactics to learn behaviour-change and commitment strategies all help to increase psychological tractability.

Is ACT effective for anxiety?2022-01-05T15:48:59+00:00

ACT therapy is effective to a vast variety of concerns. Acceptance and commitment therapy for generalised/social anxiety has been proven effective for anxiety. Similar to CBT, ACT therapy aids in anxiety treatment as well. ACT applied to anxiety allows for the acceptance of the triggers and symptoms associated with anxiety. For more information, please visit the CBT therapy page for a comprehensive clarification of CBT therapy in contrast to ACT therapy.

What are the steps to ACT therapy?2022-01-05T15:49:18+00:00

The main steps to ACT therapy are finding the cause(s), talking through the root problems, and finally accepting yourself. Similar to exercising the body exercising the mind should be of equal importance. No one was given a manual on how to manage reactions, emotions and feelings.

What’s the goal of ACT therapy?2022-01-05T15:49:39+00:00

ACT therapy dives into the negative emotions to find their root cause. With ACT therapy, instead of avoiding the negative thoughts and emotions, the qualified therapist will help guide through those negative feelings and emotions without fear. The ultimate goal is to gain the skills and find the solution to move past the negative to find the positive.

Online Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – How can we help?2022-03-10T15:57:44+00:00

Our platform offers a wide array of services for CAT therapy. You can use tools such as the online Journal to log your emotions and feelings and track your mood, as well as other useful tools. When you want to talk to a therapist, the online chat allows for messaging and voice notes for communicative ease. No appointments are necessary, scrapping traditional therapy, so practising your mental health can be a whole lot simpler.

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