Psychodynamic Therapy

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Online Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy

Improve your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions through online conversations with your qualified psychodynamic therapist. The ease of having everything on one platform takes away the stress of seeking out wellness and therapy.

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Psychodynamic Therapy From The Comfort Of Your Home

With SupportRoom’s platform, experience quality therapy and wellness tools to aid you in your journey. Improve your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions through online 1-on-1 conversations with your qualified psychodynamic therapist. We pride ourselves on our online therapy platform and hope that you could use it too, to improve your mental health. The ease of having everything on one platform, takes away the stress of seeking out wellness and therapy.
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Find the cause

Acceptance and Commitment therapy offers a safe space to talk and find the root causes of your stresses. Through guided discussion, learn the real reason for your triggers.

Couples mediation therapy

Talk through it

Find the route to finally accept yourself. Our qualified therapist help guide therapeutic discussion. Sometimes an outside perspective could mean all the difference in understanding yourself.

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Accept yourself

Finally reach a point where you can handle and manage any current and future concerns. Reach your full potential of acceptance and commitment within yourself.

What’s the aim of psychodynamic therapy?

Rewrite your present and future to match your goals and needs with psychodynamic therapy ways. With your matched therapist, your psychodynamic therapy goals will find the solution to your symptoms and gain overall wellness.
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Benefits of SupportRoom

  • Support when you need it. 24/7 access.​
  • A platform for everyone. Correspond through text, voice message, or live video.
  • Completely secure and totally confidential.
  • Way more affordable than traditional therapy.​
  • No waiting. No judgement. Real therapists.​​
  • Analytics to track your journey progression​​.​​
  • Ongoing support.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is psychodynamic therapy?2022-01-12T10:57:36+00:00

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on the psychological roots, commonly childhood problems, of any emotional suffering. Through deep discussion with a qualified therapist, one would self-reflect and self-examine their relationship with themselves and how that has affected the present symptoms. The aim is to change those childhood traumas and their effect on present day symptoms. In discovering patterns in behaviour, the in-depth discussion will change those behavioural patterns.

What can psychodynamic therapy help depression & anxiety?2022-01-12T10:58:00+00:00

Because psychodynamic therapy delves into the subconscious and its effects on the present-day symptoms, those who suffer from depression and anxiety benefit from this form of therapy because of its nature. Does psychodynamic therapy really work? Psychodynamic therapy has been proven to be effective for a wide range of mental health symptoms and is especially effective for “medically unexplained” symptoms. The effects of this treatment last long after the completion of therapy.

Is psychodynamic therapy similar to psychodynamic interpersonal therapy?2022-03-17T15:17:21+00:00

Unlike psychoanalytic psychotherapy, psychodynamic interpersonal therapy focuses on treatment to resolve difficulties rather than just understanding trauma. However, psychodynamic interpersonal therapy is similar as it also involves in-depth conversations to identify key triggers and traumas from the past.

Psychodynamic therapy – How can we help?2022-03-10T15:34:54+00:00

SupportRoom offers psychodynamic interpersonal therapy online at your convenience. With in-app messaging and voice notes, talk to your therapist comfortably from anywhere. The psychodynamic interpersonal therapist is uniquely matched to you and your needs.

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