Online Psychodynamic Therapy

Who Is It For?

Our online psychodynamic psychotherapy (PT) helps the patient to “rewrite” their “life narrative”. The approach aims to improve a person’s self-image and recognises how their past experiences influence their present (and future).

Psychodynamic therapies focus on the interpretation of a person’s emotional and mental processes.

The goals of PT are to:

  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Develop an understanding of one’s thoughts, beliefs, and feelings regarding pas experiences (especially in childhood)

What is it used to treat?

PT is often used to treat depression, as well as a range of other serious psychological disorders associated with people whose lives have lost purpose and meaning, and those that struggle to maintain healthy relationships.

Additionally, PT can be useful in addressing addictions, as well as eating- and social-anxiety disorders.

What can I expect from psychodynamic therapy?

PT is a talking therapy where the patient is encouraged to discuss anything that comes to mind; including fears, desires, current issues, dreams, and fantasies. The aim is to minimise symptoms and increase self-esteem; as well as to develop and maintain satisfying relationships.

PT is usually a long-term therapy but can work over shorter periods.

How does it work?

PT focuses on acknowledging, understanding, and overcoming contradictory and negative feelings and repressed emotions.

The process analyses how repressed emotions affect a person’s decision-making, relationships, and general behaviour.

PT can be useful for people who already understand what triggers their social difficulties, but are unable to overcome their problems on their own.

Patients undergoing PT learn how to analyse and resolve current issues and change their behaviours in their relationships for better outcomes.

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