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“There is nothing more important than an employee’s mental well-being in the workplace. That is why we believe SupportRoom is an amazing tool for mental health support, providing access to on-demand therapy, a self-help library, and most important insights to see your progress and track your therapy journey! More and more people are seeing the value in therapy, and SupportRoom enables our clients to provide long-term positive benefits to their employees and organization.”

Gympass, Partner
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“Mental health is incredibly subjective. It is imperative that we offer services that are effective and inclusive to all our users. The reality is, speaking face to face with a mental health professional can be uncomfortable for some. Since partnering with SupportRoom, we’ve been able to offer vital mental health support to those who feel more comfortable communicating via message, voice note or call. The feedback we’ve received has been exceptional, with users praising the approachability, convenience and professionalism of therapists, and the effect they have had on their mental wellbeing. Moreover, the affordability of SupportRoom’s services means that we can provide practical and realistic solutions to more users than ever before. For anyone considering a partnership with SupportRoom – we could not recommend enough.”
Heka, Partner
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‘’Provision of adequate mental health care and support is a fundamental pillar of a responsible progressive employer. We are proud to have partnered with SupportRoom who deliver an accessible flexible range of support options for our workforce’’

Graham Cook, All Star Lanes CEO & SupportRoom Client
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‘’SupportRoom is a ground-breaking positive disruptor in the industry, helping businesses put employee welfare at the top of the agenda. They’re stripping away the common barriers of accessibility and confidentiality, and putting ease of use at the forefront of the experience.’’

Claude Springer , Area Director | Social at Meltwater

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