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All-in-One Workplace Support

that covers All Pillars of Wellness

Workplace Support

If you want to start your journey in a gentler way, you can choose to connect with a therapist, coach or mentor by chat or voice notes.  Familiarise and build a long- standing relationship with your dedicated therapist, coach, or mentor. And express your emotions and let them help you improve your performance, and growth in all areas of your life.

Financial, Legal & Physical

We inspire to improve all pillars  of your life.

Within a single app employees receive supports that covers all pillars of wellness…..

  • Mental
  • Sleep
  • Nutritional
  • Movement
  • Parenting
  • Financial
  • Career
  • Legal

We make it easier for employees to receive support.

Video Therapy

Online Video Therapy, coaching or mentoring is a highly popular option that resembles an in-person session. Once you connect to your professional, just start discussing the most pressing issues in your own time. Your therapist, coach or mentor will be there to guide you, listen to you, and support you in finding solutions that will improve your wellness, performance, and growth.

Wellbeing MoodBox

SupportRoom brings clarity on the state of your mental health, performance and growth. Through our Wellbeing MoodBox Meter, both you and your therapist, coach or mentor can look at current and past insights to see how far you have come. The insights never lie – so use this feature to monitor your progress and reap the rewards of your work.


Wellness Centre

Self-help is an integral part of supporting your own wellness, performance and growth– hence is the Wellbeing Resource Centre contains hundreds of articles, exercise and coaching videos, podcasts, calming music, and other resources to help you help yourself. Use the resources to make improves in your work and personal life.


A mental health tool backed by science, journaling helps you get your worries out of your mind. Use this in-app built feature to better cope with negative thoughts.



SupportRoom now has multi-languages,  Arabic, French, German, Greek and Serbian. Additionally, our professionals speak over 35+ languages. Our platform is an extension of the workforce and HR team. Within our clinic we have different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds

Microsoft Teams & Slack

Staying connected to your therapist, coach or mentor is crucial for workplace mental wellbeing, performance, and growth. Integrate with Microsoft Teams or Slack and receive effortless support. It’s that easy.

Support Room Features - Teams and Slack integration

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Leaders, transform the wellness, performance and growth of your team

Leaders Analytics Platform

Our Leaders Analytics Platform provides anonymised data-driven insights that allow leaders to monitor and identify key issues impacting the wellness, performance, and growth of their team. A one size fits all people strategy doesn’t always work, with our insights start to build strategies focused on micro audiences, departments, and countries. Our recommendation engine will guide leaders at all levels to improve the wellness, performance, and growth of their team.

Support Room Features - Employee Chat Analytics for Leaders business registration

Heartbeat Insights

Let’s admit it – without clear insights about your team’s performance patterns, their mental well-being or your company’s culture, your business can tiptoe forever around the aspects that need changing to promote growth and performance. Heartbeat Insights, a survey and insights-driven platform that increases employee engagement and accelerates your company’s road to success.

Microsoft Teams & Slack

Staying connected to your therapist, coach or mentor is crucial for workplace mental wellbeing, performance, and growth. Integrate with Microsoft Teams or Slack and receive effortless support. It’s that easy.

Support Room Features - Teams and Slack integration


Technology isn’t always enough to support employees. We are there to help your business grow by delivering webinars, workshops, data support, business reviews and unlimited access to our internal clinical directors at no cost.

Support Room Features - Team Services leaders


Connection and belonging are a major part of mental wellbeing, so we encourage employees to connect with others as much as possible.

Join communities of employees who share the same goals of becoming a better version of themselves. Share your workplace-related stress with others and connect with like-minded people who can support you during your journey.

Support Room Features - Communities for leaders

Gain FREE access to Heartbeat

Get a free Heartbeat Survey.

Let us uncover the true state of your team’s wellbeing with a free mental health survey for your entire organisation.

Gain valuable insights to see how you can better support your team’s mental health and performance.

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Track data from your Leader Analytic Platform

Making assumptions about your employees’ wellness, performance and growth is ineffective and risky. Not only does it not get you results, but it can slow down the productivity and wellbeing in your workplace.

Our Leader Analytics Platform provides anonymous insights on key issues affecting your workplace at a micro level. You can track your employees’ wellbeing, performance and growth in real time and benchmark insights based micro audiences such as demographics, gender, and ethnicity, departments, countries and cultures.

No more biased assumptions and guesses. Drive change in your workplace based on insights that can transform the wellness, performance and growth of your workforce.

No, you will not. These are strictly confidential between the employee and their assigned therapist.

The information updates in real-time!

Start by looking at the leading issues and our text analytics. Both these insights will give you insights into issues that you can begin to address right away.

The leaders analytics platform gives you access to a clinical director. Book a session, the team can start working with you to help you to get started and take the first steps towards creating your people strategy.

Our data consultants have access to this information to help you make the most of the data and how to analyse it to improve your wellbeing strategy.

100%. SupportRoom provides data consultancy as part of our Additional Services. Our clinical directors are video call away and they’re dedicated to helping you deliver success. This will help you understand the data and how to apply it to improve your workplace wellbeing.

Tackle workplace stress

Mental health, performance and growth interventions are difficult to apply when you don’t know what you’re meant to fix.

At SupportRoom we use the technology, micro analytics, employee engagement, self-help tools and ongoing guidance from our clinical directors to help you deliver targeted mental health, performance and growth support.

We are here throughout your company’s journey to an improved wellbeing.


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