On-demand workplace therapy powered by AI insights

Deliver measurable results to support employee mental health

For companies who recognise that prioritising employee mental health isn’t a tick box exercise.

SupportRoom is so much more than an Employee Assistance Programme. We offer your employees unlimited clinical therapy from accredited practitioners, combined with actionable insights that allow you to drive meaningful change in your business.


laptop and mobile online therapy mental health support

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Why SupportRoom?

Support employee mental health while improving productivity and reducing absences and churn in the workplace.

How SupportRoom Works


Straightforward questions that help us understand your employee’s needs

Your Plan

Choose a payment structure to suit your budget and your employee’s needs.

Start Therapy

We match each employee to the most suited therapist instantly.

Get Analytics

No more assumptions. Actionable insights that build your data-driven health & wellbeing strategy for leaders.
laptop online therapy mental health support

Data-driven insights for management teams

No more assumptions. Actionable insights that build your data-driven health & wellbeing strategy for leaders.

SupportRoom, a one-stop shop for mental health support, technology + services

We believe technology isn’t enough to help you develop and deliver a successful wellbeing strategy.

Our goal is to provide your employees with support while helping your organisation improve engagement, adoption & awareness.

Why use multiple suppliers when all you need SupportRoom?

How many employees are there in your organisation?

colleagues are struggling with some form of mental health issue.

days lost per year due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety.


the annual cost of ill-mental health in the workplace.

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SupportRoom Features

Book a demo and improve employee mental health today.

What do our customers and therapists say about SupportRoom?

“I would absolutely recommend SupportRoom to my own loved ones. A unique and innovative way to bring quality mental health support - primarily through messaging therapy - into the hands of those that need it, when they need it."

Dr. Kaanan Butor-Bhavsar

“Sharing your thoughts and feelings is important for your mental health, and at SupportRoom, we have made this easy and accessible. SupportRoom allows you to connect at your convenience to help make you feel better today.”

Asma Ahmed

“SupportRoom is simple to use and so easy to access whenever it suits you. I like the way my availability is shown, and the choice of how an individual wants to talk to me is given to them. I feel this is key to getting support how you want and when you need it.

Claire Pyer

"Support Room is a groundbreaking positive disruptor in the industry, helping businesses put employee welfare at the top of the agenda. They're stripping away the common barriers of accessibility and confidentiality, and putting ease of use at the forefront of the experience."

Claude Springer EMEA

Managing Director of Meltwater

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