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SupportRoom is delighted to announce its new partnership with award-winning recruitment experts in the Public & Third Sector, Baltimore Consulting.

Baltimore Consulting are passionate and fully committed to making a difference to people’s lives within the community.

Since their inception in 2013, they have continued to fulfil permanent, interim and contract hiring requirements across vulnerable subject areas such as Mental Health, SEN & Safeguarding Adults and Children. And SupportRoom is looking forward to providing on-demand solutions to the particular mental health issues that can affect people working in the fast-paced recruitment world.

Research shows that at least 74% of UK-based recruiters suffered from a mental health issue. It’s an innovative and dynamic environment to work in, but 59% of recruiters suffer from anxiety and 39% experience depression.

9 out of 10 employees and 8.5 out of 10 leaders have suffered from work-related stress, anxiety or depression, according to Mental Health in Recruitment.

Because the recruitment world is ‘always-on’, recruiters often work long hours to meet challenging deadlines. The constant need to recruit the next best person for the job can create a lot of pressure and stress. And that can have an impact on work-life balance. But it can be tough to admit that there’s a problem – that you’re not coping – because there’s still so much stigma attached to the whole subject of mental health.

SupportRoom’s partnership with Baltimore Consulting will provide their employees with confidential access to on-demand online therapy to address mental health conditions affecting their ability to achieve their potential at work and in their personal life.

No issue is too big or too small for our therapists. Each employee is assigned their own dedicated therapist. They are here to support employees and leaders in taking the first important step towards better mental health and improved wellbeing in every aspect of life.


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About SupportRoom

SupportRoom is an on-demand online therapy platform whose goal is to improve the livelihoods of those suffering from symptoms of mental health issues. Employees receive support when they most need it, no more suffering in silence.

Employees can communicate with therapists via in-app messaging, videos and voice messages.

Users can track and analyse trends into their physical, mental health and wellbeing throughout their therapy journey. We also provide self-help tools to allow employees to improve their mental health outside of therapy. Access journals, articles, exercise videos, meditation, yoga, calm music and healthy cooking.

Build a successful people strategy based on anonymised employee, clinical and survey insights – no more assumptions.

Transform the morale of your workforce with SupportRoom.

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