In this episode of Founder’s Interview, we’ll be discussing Fundraising 💸
Even the most innovative ideas or business plans may only get a startup so far. As a result, it’s almost certain that your company will require funding to flourish. Let’s dive deep with Ash Vipani and find out how he funded Supportroom. 💚

Stay tuned to discover more about what it takes to build a digital mental health startup and how to get the money for it.



Find out more about SupportRoom

SupportRoom is a virtual mental health provider whose aim is to improve psychological wellbeing, both at home and in the workplace. We want to make therapy convenient and easy to access, as we understand that mental health needs should not be put on hold.

Based in London, UK, SupportRoom offers more than virtual therapy. Our additional services include wellbeing monitoring, data analytics for leaders, self-care tools, and Slack and MS Teams Integration. We want to offer comprehensive mental health support that doesn’t need to be scheduled weeks in advance. Your wellbeing comes first to us, and we go above and beyond to look after your mental health whenever you need it.


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