movember time

Throughout November as men all around the world grow out their moustaches, let’s remember that it’s more than just letting one’s facial hair grow wild and free – it’s about changing the face of men’s mental health.

What is Movember about?

Every November, men take part in an annual event dedicated to growing their moustaches and beards. On the surface, it’s a fun challenge. However, it’s more than just unconstrained facial hair.

What is the meaning of Movember?

Ultimately, Movember raises awareness for men’s health, from various cancers to depression and suicide.

Depression and suicide prevention among men

According to Movember’s website, in the UK alone, 75% of suicides are committed by men. Globally, 1 man commits suicide every minute of every day.

Public awareness of men’s mental health has improved through programmes like Movember. However, the stigma around men’s mental health still exists.

Seeking help for a mental health issue such as depression, let alone suffering from one, is still perceived as a weakness or dramatisation in certain pockets of society. Gender stereotypes and toxic masculinity also continue to float around that reinforce men’s silence.

There is the need to remain macho, or the idea that being in touch with one’s emotions are seen as “feminine”, resulting in men’s silence and fear to come forward, even to their loved ones, about their mental health issues, which can end up becoming detrimental.

The Movember Foundation have therefore used the moustache as a symbol of the movement. Because by men growing out their facial hair throughout November, it’s hard to miss the clear motive to raise awareness about men’s mental health.

How to support Movember

For men who are capable of growing moustaches and haven’t done so just yet, it’s pretty obvious: grow out your facial hair for the rest of this month.

For those who are unable to, you can still raise awareness and show your support for the movement by donating to the Movember Foundation.

What everyone can do, even after the month has passed, is to reach out to the men in their lives, check in on them, and let them know that you’re there as a support system, should they need it.

As Movember coincides with the nation’s second lockdown this year, we think it especially important to lend a helping hand to your brother, father, friend, or significant other.

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