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World Suicide Prevention Day: SupportRoom launches new B2B employee mental health platform to mark #WSPD

TODAY SUPPORTROOM announces the launch of their dedicated B2B employee mental health platform, which coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day (#WSPD), Friday 10th Sept. The platform combines on-demand employee therapy with innovative data analytics to offer companies of all sizes a unique solution that supports their employees’ mental health and wellness.

By launching on #WSPD, SupportRoom hopes to raise awareness of the day – an annual campaign to help disseminate essential information that can help prevent suicide. The aim of #WSPD is for people to seek help when they need it, a motivator that sits at the heart of SupportRoom’s mission. 

What does SupportRoom’s B2B platform include?

SupportRoom’s B2B platform is designed to help employees connect with a qualified therapist whenever they need it. By offering round-the-clock support, SupportRoom aims to help minimise the prevalence of suicide and the symptoms of mental ill-health, both in the workplace and in the general population.

The SupportRoom story

When SupportRoom’s founder, Ash Vipani, discovered that his cousin had committed suicide in 2020, he was shocked and devastated. The silence that surrounded the run-up to this catastrophic event made it particularly difficult to comprehend.

“My cousin suffered in silence without discussing his mental health struggles with his loved ones, something that is all too prevalent in people contemplating taking their lives. People are suffering needlessly when often all they need is to talk to someone who understands, without fear of judgement or ridicule. If we can help prevent poor mental health from resulting in suicide, we have done a good job – that’s why I set up SupportRoom.”, said Ash (CEO, SupportRoom).

How will SupportRoom help my company?

SupportRoom offers managers access to valuable insights that help them understand the mental health needs of their teams, minimising workplace-related mental ill-health and driving long-term change.

Which companies are already using SupportRoom?

SupportRoom already has several partnerships in place, including global consulting firm Leyton, financial experts Mintago, recruitment company Precise Consultants, and employee benefit platforms Heka and Amba.

Tobin Murphy-Coles (CEO, Amba) commented, “This partnership with SupportRoom is an important element of Amba’s mission to use employee benefits as a force for good.

“The impact of being able to talk to a therapist and to get some sort of resolution there and then cannot be understated. Maybe the technology didn’t exist to be able to do that five years ago, but it does exist now and is a critical part of what an employer needs to offer to their employees if they truly care about employee wellbeing.”Suicides are preventable deaths. According to the WHO, over 700,000 people die as a result of suicide every year. 4,902 suicides were registered in England in 2020 [1].

Contact for more details

Ash Vipani, CEO and Founder
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07940734920


About SupportRoom

SupportRoom is an online therapy platform whose goal is to improve the livelihoods of people suffering from the symptoms of poor mental health. Headquartered in London, UK, they support both individuals and employees who struggle with their mental health and help organisations transform their workforce’s wellbeing.

Clients communicate with therapists via in-app messaging, videos, and voice messages. All SupportRoom therapists are fully qualified and offer confidential, convenient treatments through a user-friendly mobile-first platform – accessible from smartphones, tablets, and computers. 

With a range of innovative health-tech tools, SupportRoom provides deep data analytics, producing auditable metrics that represent changes in the mental health journey of its users. These metrics are invaluable to organisations to help them understand the mental health needs of their workforce.



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