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Do you find your spirits lifted after a workout? Have you ever wondered why we feel good after a sweaty session? 

Exercise is something that many have harped about for as long as we can remember. And for good reason! While it can get you into shape and looking your fittest, exercising also has powerful benefits on our overall health. Significantly, exercise has been proven to boost our mental health.

The rest of this article will explore how exercise helps with mental clarity, and why exercise is good for the mind.

How does exercise help mental clarity?

Exercising is when you exert physical effort that improves your health and fitness. So that can include dancing, going for a run or lifting some weights. Exercising has no limits!

Whenever we move our bodies with the intent of exercising, this can help our mental clarity. This is because we are focused on how many more reps we have left to complete, for example. Rather than thinking about what may be causing us stress. When we think about getting the most of our workout, this can help boost our mental clarity.

Exercising is also incredibly important in providing an outlet. Whether it’s pulling up a YouTube workout or doing a few ab exercises in your bedroom, it helps to blow off steam.

Nowadays, it’s easy for some of us to take mental clarity for granted. Especially in a time where our way of living has become more fast-paced and stimulative. How often do you find yourself easily distracted by social media nowadays? 

Some of the things you can do to maintain exercising is to:

  • Plan out your physical activity
  • Set yourself realistic goals
  • Work out with a friend
  • Follow motivating fitness pages or influencers
  • Purchase fashionable workout clothes

Why is exercise good for the mind?

People say exercising releases feel-good chemicals. Well, it’s true! 

Whenever we exercise, we not only end up stimulating our muscles and body. We end up stimulating our brain as well.

Otherwise known as “runner’s high”, our brain releases endorphins when we put our body through physical exertion. Significantly, endorphins are incredibly useful as they have been proven to relieve pain and stress!

Exercise can activate parts of our brain that aren’t responsive when we’re feeling sad, depressed, or anxious. 

Research has, in fact, proven that exercise can elevate the serotonin and dopamine levels in our brain. These are important brain chemicals when it comes to regulating our mood and making us feel happy!

Exercise is a wonder when it comes to the body. And the brain! There is a reason why many people praise the benefits of working out when you’re feeling low. Whether you’re feeling depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, why not get the blood flowing? Equally, you can consider our mindfulness therapies


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