There is no mental wellbeing without financial security. It goes without saying that mental wellbeing and financial stress are intrinsically linked. Although debt or poor finances do not directly lead to mental disorders, constantly worrying about them does. The stress resulting from trying to figure out how to make payments on time and ensure a decent living can make many people highly anxious. 

Some other money-related issues that impact mental health are:

  • Not having the confidence to manage finances in the long term
  • Not being prepared for unexpected situations such as being dismissed from work, getting ill, or incurring sudden living costs
  • Imbalanced monthly earnings and expenses (spending more than earning)

There is one good solution to financial stress – budgeting your expenses. According to Northwestern Mutual’s 2019 Planning and Progress Study, 92 percent of Americans over 18 said nothing makes them happier or more confident in life than when their finances are in order. Therefore, a good solution to financial stress is efficient budgeting. This refers to spending money in an organized way, according to one’s most important necessities. Budgeting can prevent overspending and running out of money at the end of the month, which can cause people a lot of stress. 

What is financial wellness? 

Finances wellness is defined as having full control over your finances. It allows you to manage your bills, debt, and living expenses without worrying that you do not have enough to live a balanced a life. But financial wellness is more than bare survival — it allows you to remain calm in the face of unexpected financial emergencies, plan for the future, or save for retirement. 

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines financial wellness — also known as financial well-being — as “the feeling of having financial security and financial freedom of choice, in the present and when considering the future.”


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3 ways saving money can boost your mental health

It can reduce symptoms of stress

Sticking to a budget helps us feel in control of our money. Instead of compulsively buying things all the time, we know what our spending priorities are. A budget helps you control how much you’re setting aside for savings and retirement, and lets you know where you stand with those goals. Feeling in control helps people relax — instead of constantly worrying if they have enough money to make it to the end of the month. 

Budgeting can help you not overextend yourself

Not overextending yourself financially can help you not overextend yourself emotionally. Saying “no” to plans and obligations can be hard to do, but taking on too much can lead to burnout, which can be taxing on your health. Saying “There’s just no room in my budget this month” can help you feel more engaged in the healthy self-care practices you do decide to spend your time (and money) on.

Budgeting can help you build the life you wish to live

When you have a budget that reflects your personal values, it can go a long way toward making you feel happier. As opposed to spending money out of impulse on things you don’t use, you can choose to cultivate a simpler, more minimalist lifestyle that reflects your goals. For example, if you want to spend more time with yourself, perhaps you could say no to frequent drinking sessions or weekly parties. 

How can you improve your mental health when dealing with money concerns?

We understand that emotional support during difficult times is paramount. For this reason, our team of psychotherapists are here for you anytime you want to get in touch with someone. 

SupportRoom offers flexible mental health support for employees in the form of online therapy, self-help tools, and wellbeing monitoring. Besides, it helps leaders identify mental health trends in the workplace with data-driven insights. This way, you can implement changes and mental health initiatives knowing exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. 

How SupportRoom can help

SupportRoom is a digital behavioural technology healthcare company. Our platform connects individual clients with a network of licensed therapists through an easy to use and HIPAA-compliant, web and mobile platform.

With SupportRoom clients can send text, videos and voice messages anytime and from anywhere. All our therapists are fully qualified and offer confidential, convenient online therapy. Get access to therapy, wherever & whenever you need it. SupportRoom’s mission is to make therapy available, affordable and  provide ongoing support for all. 

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