toxic workplace

Does your boss ever get cross and raise their voice around you? Do your colleagues talk about you behind your back? Are you constantly worried about making a mistake at work?

Being in a toxic environment is never fun. Some people may find it unbearable to be in, especially on a daily basis. Toxic workplaces can be particularly tricky. Unfortunately, it’s something that most people will encounter in their lifetime.

But how do you know that you’re in a toxic workplace? Read the rest of this article, where we’ll unpack the telltale signs and things you can do to leave your toxic workplace behind!

Signs of a toxic workplace

Before we delve into what encompasses toxic workplace culture, it’s important to remember how common it is nowadays. While it can be terrible to deal with, remember that you’re not the only one in the world that has to tolerate it! Without further ado, here are some signs of a toxic workplace.

  • No one speaks up in meetings. While it’s natural for our bosses to lead and take charge, they’re also responsible for fostering a safe environment. But if people are scared to contribute, then that’s a red flag.
  • High turnover rate. Do you see people come and go a lot? Employees voluntarily leaving is a big indication of a toxic workplace. 
  • Negative impacts on your personal life. When your work starts to negatively affect your life, it’s never a good sign. Whether that’s damaging your mental health or personal growth.
  • Dreading starting a new project or promotion. Most of us should be thrilled by embarking on a new opportunity. But feeling anxious or uneasy can be a telltale sign.
  • Growth isn’t encouraged. Good leadership is all about encouraging growth. But if other people take the credit or block opportunities, that can be another sign you’re in a toxic workplace.

Leaving and recovering from one

When leaving a toxic workplace, it can be hard to shake off. But there are ways in which you can recover! 

  • Take time to recover. Without a doubt, leaving a toxic workplace takes a lot of courage. Make sure you recuperate! Hold off on strenuous activity if you’re feeling physically exhausted. Consider doing things that bring you comfort if you’re feeling emotionally drained. You could also try mindfulness therapies, or reaching out to an ESP programme.
  • Make a plan. When looking for a new job, it’s important to be intentional about it. You might want to consider reading online reviews of companies, or reaching out to employees currently working there! When finding better office cultures to work in, it may be best to do your research.
  • Recognise your worth. Keep in mind that this isn’t an overnight journey. So try and be patient with yourself. When recovering from a toxic workplace, you may have forgotten your positive traits. However, reminding yourself can be worthwhile for your self-esteem. And for updating your CV!
  • Immerse yourself in positivity. When moving onto a positive working environment, it’s important to be positive yourself! This can help you professionally, such as expanding your network. More importantly, it can truly help put the past behind you.

We hope that in covering the signs of a toxic workplace, this helps people to leave what is no longer good for them! When it comes to recovery, remember to be kind to yourself. Consider reaching out to someone. You can consider doing that through our mindfulness therapies or ESP programme.


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