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Do you value the relationships in your life? Do you prioritise quality time with your friends, family, or partner? Do you thrive off of connecting with people?

Without a doubt, many people are anticipating the lifting of lockdown. Restrictions are lifting soon, and with that many of us get the chance to reconnect with people.

Humans are sociable creatures. And if lockdown taught us anything, it was how distance affects people. 

The rest of this article will cover why human connections are so important, and the benefits of staying in touch. 

Why is human connection important?

Human connections have always been important – from friendships to the strong bond a mother has with her child. 

They’re essential for our everyday routines, whether at work or at school. They can also be useful for lifting our emotional and mental well-being.

When we look back to our primal days, human connections were even important back then! People used to co-exist together in hunting groups or tribes. This is how they collected food and resources. Or produced the next generation. They also proved useful in defence against other hunting groups or tribes. 

Nowadays, things are more different. But the sentiment is still the same. Human connection was important for our survival as it is now. 

Despite having access to faster and more convenient modes of communication, lockdown still took a toll on our relationships. This can be a big factor in the rise of mental health issues today.

Most value quality time that cannot be replicated over Zoom. So not being able to meet up with friends and family inevitably affected the mental wellbeing of many. 

But if there’s anything that lockdown taught us, it’s that we need to prioritise the connections in our life! 

Benefits of avoiding complete isolation and staying in touch

Humans are used to interacting with each other. So there are a few benefits to maintaining our relationships.

Seeing loved ones face-to-face is much different than seeing them over Zoom. Catching up with them can be good for our mental health or our well-being. For example, they can do certain things that you can’t do online, like give you a hug! 

Moreover, being able to properly interact with your support system can make you feel like you’re not alone. Proper interactions with your loved ones can also be a great distraction, especially if you’re particularly struggling. 

They can also provide comfort that can’t exactly be felt through WhatsApp. Whether that’s lending a shoulder to cry on or making you a cup of tea.

Nowadays, staying in touch is also worthwhile. Reconnecting with old friends can be exciting as well! Keeping tabs on people can ultimately help you remain busy and sociable. 

While some of us may need our alone time, total isolation for too long isn’t healthy. We can get too caught up in our thoughts and emotions. Our loved ones can be a welcome distraction or provide support for our struggles.

Human connection is essential for our emotional and mental welfare.  This is why it’s important to continue prioritising our relationships. Staying in touch and making sure we’re not alone for too long can help lift up our spirits. Whether with loved ones, or one of our mindfulness therapists.


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