Workplace on-demand therapy powered AI data insights for leaders

“Communicate with a therapist in the moment with SupportRoom”

  • In-app messaging
    Unlimited messaging access from any device
  • Voice Notes
    Record and send, let your therapist know how you are feeling in any given moment
  • Video
    Private video calls improve understanding between therapist and patient

All our therapists are qualified & offer confidential, convenient online therapy.

Two vital areas for mental health include mood and cognitive function. Employees can manually input and analyse trends on their own mental health progress .

Our Employee support Platform allows employees to receive on-demand support from any device. No more waiting, employees get support when they need it most.

Employee and clinical anonymised data is aggregated to present organisations with leading trends that are impacting the workforce’s physical, mental health and wellbeing.

Management teams can analyse trends that are impacting employee mental health by department gender, and ethnicity.

Build surveys within SupportRoom for your department or for the workforce, collect data-powered insights as employees complete their surveys. Correlate employee, clinical data from our professionals with survey insights to build a successful wellbeing strategy.

“Transform the wellbeing of your workforce with SupportRoom”