Anxiety – How we can help?

Our qualified therapists deal with all forms of anxiety including generalised anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, and phobias. Untreated, long-term anxiety can form into physical symptoms such as increased heart rate and uncontrolled breathing, commonly known as panic-attacks. SupportRoom therapy sessions are non-intrusive and can be booked to fit any schedule.

Can therapy cure anxiety?

Anxiety cannot be cured as it is part of one’s own genetic makeup, BUT it can be treated. One form of therapy known as cognitive-behavioural therapy is shown to have been highly effective for treating anxiety disorders. There are many other types of psychotherapy used to treat anxiety that have been proven to be effective.

What is generalised anxiety disorder?

Generalised Anxiety disorder or GAD is described as having constant and disproportionate feelings of worry. In most cases, those with GAD find difficulty in controlling their internal worry. Through heavy anticipation and having heavy concerns about health, money, work, family and any and all life issues.

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