CFT – How can we help?

Our SupportRoom platform not only offers compassion focused therapy, but many other programmes and services, such as virtual guided yoga classes and meditation videos to aid in your safety and relaxation. We also offer a Mood Box Tool to track your mood as you use the platform. After initial clarification and matching to a therapist, you then set a timeframe in which you’d like to receive support. You then stay in contact via in-app messaging and voice notes.

What’s the aim of CFT?

If you ever feel disheartened, shame, or self-critical, CFT compassion focused therapy could work for you. The aim is to encourage people to be compassionate in therapy; compassionate towards yourself and others. The ultimate goal is to find more compassion in everyday life.

What is compassion focused therapy or CFT Therapy?

Compassion focused therapy is a system of psychotherapy which combines techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy. For more information on cognitive behavioural therapy, visit the CBT therapy page. Compassion focused therapy or CFT helps people learn warmth and safeness in interactions with themselves and others. CFT therapy is especially effective for those with high levels of self-criticism, shame, and have low empathy and sympathy towards themselves and others.

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