DBT – How can we help?

We offer virtual therapy and the ability to track your success over time. You will be matched to one of our qualified therapists. No appointments are necessary and you can message and voice note your therapist when the time suits you. The hassle of going out of your way to receive health care is no longer necessary. A change to “regular” therapy as we know it!

What are the benefits to DBT?

The benefits of DBT therapy are a lifelong investment in one’s self. Our online DBT therapy helps to find ways to manage your emotions, regulate potentially harmful behaviours, and accept one’s self. Those who suffer from suicidal thoughts, depression, or PTSD have found this therapy highly effective.

How long does DBT therapy last?

Effective DBT treatment lasts an average time of six months. The main goal is to reach goals of emotion regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness, and interpersonal reflection. As DBT therapy is more intense, the length of treatment may vary depending on the individual.

Is DBT effective for PTSD sufferers?

DBT therapy for PTSD is highly effective, in particular. As DBT therapy focuses on improving negative emotions, those who suffer from PTSD have found this form of therapy beneficial for them. Dialectical behavioural therapy aids in stabilisation, safety and learnt coping mechanisms. Trauma treatment is also another benefit of DBT therapy.

Who needs DBT therapy the most?

Commonly, DBT therapy has been highly effective for those who face anger, depression, anxiety, and frustration. This type of therapy is highly beneficial for those who continually experience intense negative emotions or those who have become vulnerable to a form of painful emotions caused by situations out of their control.

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